I Was Only Ten

The Story of a perverted child...She swigged her whiskey as she swivels around her sitting space.

Of course, that was what I expected from my grandmother at the event. I wouldn't have had the slightest idea of what she was capable of doing until that night when I thought I was loving nature. In a snap. I received my correction class in three different but similar ways, right in the eyes of the moon. Percy, what were you doing? Not as though she was oblivious of what was going on. The memories are still so fresh like they occurred Sixty seconds ago.

I could remember vividly how she couldn't wait to sound the first warning right in my face. That was worse than just a pain. Well, if I had a better word. Yet, but the fact cannot be spared. The aftermath, of course, remained a mystery even after a decade. "Come here, naughty boy…" her voice quivered. Grandma was really old; she could not remember her age. That should affect her senses, most especially the eyes. The opposite was rather true. Should I say she was psychologically younger than she physically was? But what difference does it make? She was old anyways.

As innocent as I felt, I approached after conquering anxieties, and I'd thought victory was all mine until the moon boldly walked out on me. I witnessed the ugliest part of the darkness. I can't still imagine the source of her strength. I remember hearing a few words like "come here, naughty boy," but I wouldn't know if there were words after it. The slap was well served. "Maybe I shouldn't have invited her over; maybe I shouldn't have gone so close."

Those were my thought after all that happened. Zainab was her name. She indeed was so colorful; she visited that night to augment the moonlight. She was effortlessly beautiful. That night, the way she did her smiles engulfed me like a predator and its prey. I lost consciousness around this person. Her beauty was wild. And so I wondered how it was my fault. It was the thirst for her lips - my only crime.

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