Joy Chima 1 year ago

I Will Always Listen

I Will Always Listen: When you utter those; Unintelligible sounds; That no one seems to understand;

When you utter those
Unintelligible sounds
That no one seems to understand
I will always listen

When you speak louder
That ears are turned asunder
And feet set afloat
I will always listen

When croaked voices
Quake the entire corners
And vibrate like a silent-mode phone
I will always listen

When no one seems to have time
To lend their listening ears
And impatient to those mutterings
I will always listen

When those smiles tell a lot
About the goings-on in your mind
And it seems ages to await a drop of a word
I will always listen

I will always listen
For those thoughts to push out
One by one into a full-blown word
Yes, I will always lend my listening ears
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