Nonyelu Linda 2 years ago

I Wish It Was A Dream

The poem portrays a boy from a decent home but his life was cut short because of peer pressure

So I sat spinning still, round this decaying form,
The fine threads of rare and subtle thought I wished it was a dream but sadly it wasn't
I grew up in a decent home
A home where joy abounds and happiness never ceases therein
Modesty and decency was our watchword
Truth and honestly became our apparel
An example to others we were,
And we became the envy of many

I became a blind fool of fate and slave of circumstance,
And was deceived by folks I call friends
I forgot so quickly where I came from,
 And yielded to peer pressure and persuasion to make it quick

Evil communication they say corrupt good manners
I never understood this until a victim I became
Just a night with them I was apprehended
All escaped except me
Then it dawned on me that I was doomed
What will I tell my mum
I was the hope of my mum and my sibling's confidence

Oh! I wish I knew the end from the beginning
I wish I didn't yield to peer pressure
This I cried out in the courtroom
Before the judge made the pronouncement
I have been sentenced to life imprisonment
Oh! I am finished and doomed

I turned and saw my mum
Her eyes flowed rivers
She has cried her eyes out and tears were no longer coming forth
The last word I heard from her before I was taken by the guard was 
Bring back, my son!! She wailed and fell on the floor

I was so ashamed of myself 
Tell my mum I'm sorry
For the pains and embarrassment
Tell her to behold and watch over my other siblings
My heart swell with a sea of tears
The drums of time have rolled and ceased
I wish it was all a dream.
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