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Ibro Story

Just read dear world, this is ••~•IBRAHIM UNTOLD STORY•~••

My name is Ibrahim, and I was born to Jamila Hassan and Ahmed in October 1998. I never grew up with my parents, who had abandoned me in a bush beside an orphanage home. The head of the orphanage called, Omar Ahmed was going outside to get some things from the market when he heard my sobs like a baby crying with no one to comfort me. He was kind of shocked and angry at the person that left me outside. Out of compassion, he took me inside the orphanage home and adopted me as his child or slave per se.

Days grew into months, months into years as I lived in the house of Omar Ahmed. He never saw reasons to send me to school; he and his wife made life unbearable for me. Leaving most times to cry myself to sleep. But I didn't know or have anybody else to run to, so I had to endure the pains. One day, I was still sleeping as a result of the excessive work I did yesterday. Then suddenly, I jerked into reality as I felt my body peel off. I opened my eyes only to see Hajiya Omar pouring me hot water.

"you, this useless child of a nobody, will you get up and get yourself busy, my friend. So you want to sleep the whole day, you lazy fool," she said, throwing the bucket at him. Ibrahim, still shocked, couldn't utter a word. I cried throughout that day as the hot water pained me a lot, I cooked supper that day, and when I was about to dish mine, she entered the kitchen and asked me what I was about to do innocently. I told her I wanted to dish food for myself, and then she went to the waste bin and parked the food I washed away. Putting them inside a plate. She serves it to me.

"As from today henceforth, you are no longer allowed to eat the same food with my children; your father and mother that abandoned you didn't keep any food items when they dumped you outside" she began to abuse me as I let those tears that were already begging me to let them flow, came out on their own. My encounters in the hands of this family were a living terror as every day, I received beatings from both couples, and their kids increased daily. Sometimes I cried to Allah, begging him to allow my parents to remember that they had a child somewhere and look for me like other parents I watched in the movies do.

I became 18; still, nobody knew and didn't even care to. As I was busy with my house chores, I saw a parcel wrapped in a pink and white sheet. I was amazed that Azizah, my neighbor's daughter, remembered that today was my birthday.

Despite how my foster parents abused and enslaved me, Azizah never mocked nor behaved rudely to me. Since I was 16 years old, I had already developed feelings for her, and I had told her about it; after soon time, she confessed the same to me, and from onwards, we were secretly dating without the notice of both parents. I was very happy 😄 seeing that gift from Azizah.

Years later, I couldn't suppress my feelings of love towards her and made a move. I proposed to her and then made a move as I visited her parents to let them know about it. The girl's parents agreed to my wedding proposal. I was happy that the family of Aziazh accepted me without any complaints or challenges. ******* "That's an impossible kid; who is going to support you to marry any" mallam Omar said to me. "My beloved husband, this idiot has clearly forgotten his essence of being here," hajiya added.

These people scattered my dreams and chances of getting married to Azizah, my dream woman, and they when went far as to tell the parents about my background and that I was an orphan squatting with them. The way these people managed to soil the minds of these people against me was something else. Life gradually began to become bitter to me as I remembered that abandonment and shame I had lived in all my life. I suddenly began to lose my senses before I knew I was admitted into the psychiatric home. Even the hospital could not contain me, and later I ran out to the streets.

As I was patrolling the streets, I ran into coming Motors to get kicked by them, and luckily I succeeded as a car 🚗 jammed me. I died in the year 2015, although what happened to my body didn't know. That's how my miserable life of agony came to an end. I know that whoever is reading this by now must know I really suffered, and help didn't come.

Goodbye world...

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