Icarus /ik. Er. Uhs/ : the son of daedalus who to escape imprisonment flies by means of artificial wings but falls into the sea and drowns when the wax of his wings melts as he flies too near the sun. The path was narrow. She knew. Time was running out. She knew. But in that moment, she was the icarus to his daedalus. And she loved it.

She tuned out the conversation around her as she rested her head on her bent hand, face in her palm, and let her eyes rest on the gathering a little ways from twenty feet away from them. There he was again, seated with the son of one of the Omegas, Nico, in a deep conversation. His eyebrows were furrowed in a way that suggested he was deep in thought, and he would occasionally reach up to run a hand through his hair. And whenever his pink tongue darted out and ran along his bottom lip to wet it, she found her eyes carefully following the movement. With clear, sunkissed skin, blue-green orbs that reminded her of a tranquil sea, and a head of luscious, dark hair, he was easily one of the most attractive men she had ever come across in her life. But she had never spoken to him.

She hardly ever even got to see him. Only catching glimpses, if she was lucky before, he would be whisked away by one of the other men or by the Beta himself. She didn't even know what it was about him that she found so appealing, but whenever she looked at him, her skin would tingle, and she would feel like she was afloat. It didn't make any sense because she knew little to nothing about him. The only thing she knew about him was his name.

Levi. At that moment, he licked his lips again, and yet once more, her eyes shamelessly followed. She couldn't help but wonder how it would feel. His lips were on hers. Would they be soft? Would he be rough with her? Would he touch- As if he could read her mind, his eyes suddenly snapped to hers, and she nearly choked on her own saliva, immediately averting her gaze, the bright red of her cheeks a contrast to her porcelain skin. She was mortified. Had he known she was staring at him the whole time? Did he find it offensive? Was he bothered? She couldn't find it in her to sneak a glance at him to see if he was still watching her, so instead, she turned back into the conversation between the girls beside her and pushed the thought of him to the back of her mind. It wasn't long before her treacherous mind drifted back to him. She could still vividly remember the first time she had seen him. Her father, the Delta, and some of the older and more experienced wolves had gone hunting up in the mountains, and they had returned with him in tow. They had come across him in the mountains; she had overheard her father tell her mother later in the day. He had been a rogue, having no pack and no shelter, and they had taken pity on him, offering to take him back with them to their camp.

Surprisingly, he put up no fight, following them as though he had known them his whole life. He had told her that they still needed to ask the Alpha if it was okay for him to join their family, The Sasi Nox pack, but he felt that the Alpha would have no problems with it. In the days to come, her friends had gathered, more times than she cared to count, to fawn over the newest member of their pack. They had made dares and bets on who would approach him first, neither mustering enough courage to actually do so. It never deterred their discussions about him instead of fanning their flame for him. But no matter how much he had fastly grown popular amongst the ladies of the pack, he seemed as disinterested as humanly possible. He never talked to any of them, not even sparing either one a glance, choosing to spend all his free time with Nico, the son of the Omega who had accepted to house him. And as they grew and their raging hormones came to a calm, the flame died down until it was only but a flicker. But never hers. It only seemed to grow even bigger with each passing day. He had joined the pack when she was fourteen. She was almost nineteen now. It was almost torture, nursing a schoolgirl crush on someone that had barely said two words to her, all while trying to deal with the changes that came with maturing from a pup to a wolf. It was really hard.

Especially when she had gone into heat for the first time, she had almost gone feral. Once, she had woken up in the dead of night, cold sweat dripping down her neck, with her hand in places it shouldn't be and his name on her lips. It had taken every single bit of self-restraint she possessed not to jump his bones when she saw him the very next day. It continued that way for the rest of her heat period and many more to come. Touching herself to the thought of him every night and resisting the strong urge to indulge in wanton actions in the day. Her eyes flickered back to him, a little bit more cautious just in case he was still watching her. He was already on his feet, about to leave.

The muscles in his arm flexed as he patted Nico's shoulder, and she felt herself lick her lips. What she wouldn't do to have those strong arms hold her while he- "Alessia, are you okay?" One of her friends, Salomi, asked her, interrupting her train of thoughts and dragging her attention away from him. "Hmm?" "You've been zoning out. What's on your mind? Another, Olivia, inquired, reaching out to touch her hand, which was rested on the table. She felt her cheeks heat up even more at the questions from her friends. She hadn't thought it was obvious that she wasn't paying attention. "I'm fine," she told them, giving them a small smile. It seemed to convince them because they immediately changed the topic, finding the bonfire that was coming up much more interesting than her welfare. She only saw Levi again much later that day when her father had sent her to tell him to ready himself for hunting in the early hours of the next morning.

He was, once again, with Nico, and they had been sharpening knives. They were seated near a fire they had made, and it seemed to make the sweat dripping down his head glisten like honey under the sun. She knew she wasn't in her heat period, and it wasn't even relatively nearby, but she still felt the desire pooling in the pit of her stomach. She needed to be sanctified. Forcing all her dirty thoughts to the back of her head, she approached them, fingers fiddling with the charms on the bracelet she wore religiously on her left hand. "Hello," she meekly greeted, bringing the conversation between them to an abrupt end. "My Luna," Nico bowed, showing his respect. She grimaced. Luna. It was a title she had come to be known and addressed as by many. She hated it. Mainly because of who her counterpart was said to be. "I'm not the Luna," she corrected him, thankful that the golden glow of the flame perfectly camouflaged her pink-dusted cheeks."Not yet," he reminded her. "But you will be" She would not. "Can I have a minute with Levi?" She politely requested, instantly dismissing the topic. "Sure," he agreed, flashing his friend a smile. "I'll leave" "Thank you" "Come find me later," he told Levi. "My Luna." He bowed to her once more, and she had to stop from rolling her eyes at his unnecessary courtesy. "My father sent me," she had said to Levi once they were alone. "He says you should prepare to go hunting early tomorrow morning" "Hunting?" He rasped, and butterflies erupted in her stomach.

This was the first time she had heard him speak, and his voice was everything she had imagined and everything she had not. "Winter is coming. We're running low on supplies. We can't afford to go into it without enough food to last us the whole season," she informed him. "That's suicide. And if we want to survive, we have to hunt". He was quiet for a moment, and she feared that she had come across as too harsh or too pushy. Why did she say all that? What if he didn't want to go hunting? What if he had other plans? Why had it felt like she was trying to blame him for their lack of supplies? Was that what he thought? Was she overthinking? Questions and questions swirled around in her head until they became a jumble of words that didn't make sense. She opened her mouth to offer an apology but immediately shut it when he chuckled, a deep rumble of melodious laughter. Why was he laughing? Had she said something funny? She felt offended. Was he laughing at her? "I-" "Your hamster's gonna fall off its wheel if you keep thinking too hard," he told her, amusement still dancing in his eyes. "I don't-" she had started to deny when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her, a familiar scent filling her senses. "My Luna," someone whispered into her ear, planting a kiss under it after.

Emmett. He was the son of the Alpha and the next in line to be the Alpha of the Sasi Nox pack. He was also her dearest boyfriend. It was not by choice, though. He had chosen her. She didn't know why but he had. And whatever his spoiled self desired, so he would get. "Hey," she greeted him, plastering a smile on her face. "I want you to join me at the lake tonight," he told her, playing with her hair a bit. "I would have loved to, but I have to return to my father be-" "We won't be long," he persisted. "I'm sure daddy dearest won't mind his pup wandering off for a few hours. Better still, with me" "But i-" "If you're scared, you shouldn't be. I'll protect you," he continued, smiling down at her. Emmett was nothing if not persistent. So finally, she caved and gave in. "Just for a little while. I have to make it back in time for dinner" "You have my word," he beamed. "I'll wait for you by the rocks, my love" He waved her farewell before finally leaving her alone with Levi. "I'll-" "Message received" Levi cut off her speech, rising to his feet. "I'll make sure to be ready to go hunting tomorrow" "O-" "If you don't mind now.

My Luna," he bowed to her before walking away, his hands in the pocket of his jeans. She didn't understand what had just happened. He had looked angry. Had she done something wrong? Or maybe it was something she had said? Shaking her head clear of all her thoughts, she made her way down to the rocks to join her bespoken by the lake. It was the perfect time to watch the stars, after all.

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