Idara’s Greatest Gift.

Idara’s journey through pregnancy after several miscarriages will leave you emotional.

When the fifth pregnancy came, Idara was almost sure it was going to stay this time. Perhaps it was because her legs did not swell as much as they had during the first, second, third, or fourth pregnancy. Or maybe because the child kicked ferociously as if to tell her that it was still alive. None of the other pregnancies did that. They remained silent until they left.

The other pregnancies only stayed four months, sometimes less, before they came running down her legs in a trickle of blood. So in the first four months of the fifth pregnancy, she held her breath, half expecting to see the thick, red blood running down her legs again. But the sixth month came, and her stomach kept growing rounder and rounder. She would balance a cup on her stomach and wait till her baby kicked, and when the cup moved, she would laugh and laugh.

For months she waited for her baby, and even when the pain in her back became unbearable when she slept with pillows propping her up because she could no longer find a more comfortable position to sleep, Idara did not complain. She did not mind the way her nose swelled, and when her husband, Udoh, teased her about it, she would only smile. Idara bought heaps of unisex clothes. She did not want to know the sex of her baby. "Surprise me," she told God. 

Every day, she would stand naked in front of the mirror, pinching herself hard so she could be sure that she wasn't dreaming. But her baby's kick would come, assuring her that she wasn't dreaming, that it would be with her soon. Her baby came on the day she least expected, a week before her due delivery date. She had been feeling uneasy that Tuesday morning in the middle of October, so when her water broke, it was accompanied by a mixture of fear and excitement.

It was four long hours of Labour. Every push felt like a million crabs were biting the walls of her stomach. She cursed and screamed and tore at her hair, and then with a final scream, she pushed the baby out. It was a boy. Her baby boy. When she looked at the tiny boy, she wondered if he was the same baby that refused to stay the first, second, third, and fourth time. She was finally a mother after eight long years of waiting. 

Her baby started to cry. She pushed her breast gently into his tiny mouth and watched him struggle to suck, and while he did, she thought of a name for him. 'Maybe we should call him Gift. Because he's God's greatest gift to us," Her husband, Udoh, said. "Gift. Yes. We'll call him Gift," She said.

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