If Not For Patience.

This story describes the importance of being patient and avoiding making drastic decisions that could plunge you into the hall of regrets.

Stephanie, a graduate of medicine and surgery from a reputable university, was not only endowed with knowledge but also with beauty. She is the kind of lady who has all a man would want in a woman, and she was the pride of her family. Like every other graduate, she submitted her resume at a hospital where she desired to work right from her first year in school, and without stress, she was picked out of many applicants.

The management of the hospital noticed her zeal, knowledge, and character and decided not to miss a gold like her, so she was hired. After Stephanie had worked for a year, the management of the hospital knew they had made a good choice in hiring her. Among other doctors, her work was distinguished with prowess and precision; she never totally depended on her medical knowledge. She understood that God is the source of all knowledge and the Great Physician. 

That was who she was, and it made her stand out from other doctors; some of her colleagues saw her as a model and an inspiration, while others saw her as a threat. Stephanie never noticed the presence and rage of her haters, she was focused on impacting other doctors who saw her as a model, but behind her back, there were plans to frame her up in order to be relieved of her job. 

One faithful day, it so happened that there was a patient who needed medical care as a matter of emergency, and she was on call. There were few doctors around, including those who had plans to frustrate her. This patient was rushed to the ward, jerking like someone whose heart was about to jump out of his chest; Stephanie immediately requested an injection which would calm the patient down when administered. In the heat of the moment, she collected the injection from the nurse, but as she was about to administer it, her eyes were drawn to the content of the syringe. She noticed it looked strange, and upon taking a closer look, it was the wrong injection, one that could terminate that patient's life in a few minutes.

She was shocked and marveled; she never believed such a mistake was unintentional. She knew right there that something was fishy, but first, she left to get the right injection and administered it to the patient, getting the situation under control. She looked at the nurse, who stood dumbfounded; looking at her face, it was obvious she had a lot to say. Stephanie dragged the nurse to her office, and without being coerced, the nurse spilled out everything. "It was all a setup, she said. The wrong injection was exchanged by one of the doctors who never liked you, and I had no choice but to bring it to the ward because my job was on the line". She further explained that those Doctors planned to frustrate Stephanie to the point of getting sacked, especially if that patient had died. 

Stephanie was grateful to God that she was never in haste to inject that patient; at the end of the day, the case was reported to the management of the hospital, and the doctors involved were retrenched immediately. Don't act in haste, no matter how good you are in your field or career.

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