If You Truly Care To Live And Live Well

Listen, I know these past few years, things have been hard for you, but dude, there's a great big world waiting for you. So just make it happen.

You have encountered several years of strife, several times which were unthinkable to live in and survive. You've sailed through countless obstacles, past all dangers never-ending, and sailed through. As summer's stream won't run forever so are your trials and tribulations. Soon your weary souls shall mock suffering and your aching heart will know a peace beyond measures. Do you think you're in this alone? Do you think it's only your sky that's black and blurry? Many lives like yours are filled with myriads of trials and tribulations, maybe more than yours but they keep their hope high, hustle hard and pray harder with the hope that better days are around the corner. That bright smile you see on their faces wasn't an original one, let me tell you, it's all fake smiles and empty laughs. 

When life spits its venom on your face, don't let that blind you. I know you can withstand anything the world will continue to throw at you. Follow the paths you wish to take, let not anyone steal your joy nor lead you astray. Remember, You are you in your you for you. Bear your afflictions with a patient mind and lift the shroud that cloaks your mind. If you truly care to live and live well, you need to be free of past burdens and hurts.  There is pressure, a lot of it. But remember not to overdo or do less, all that you need is the exact amount of pressure that motivates you but doesn't paralyze you. Listen, I know these past few years, things have been hard for you, but dude, there's a great big world waiting for you. So just make it happen. 

You are so afraid of life hurting you again that you've stopped living. Surely, this is not how you want your story to end; I know for sure. You should be going out in the world, filling yourself up with new experiences. You have to keep going, you need to see what is on the other side of that door. Why would you want to be stuck at home alone when you could see the world? Good things will unexpectedly show up for you the more you begin taking advantage of the terrific chances that appear along your way, seemingly by accident. You can’t win a game you don’t play, right? The fact is that life has got your back, even when it doesn’t look like it does. But you need to do your part and go all-in when windows of opportunity appear.

You’re one out of the little faction of folk existing today ready to do what it takes to become a better leader, author, and human being. Good on you. And I know transformation isn’t an easy play. Yet, the life of the caterpillar must end for the glory of the butterfly to glow. That obsolete ‘you’ must die before the best ‘you’ can be born. You’re so wise not to loiter until you have perfect conditions to step up to a work world and private life of stainless excellence. Great power is unleashed with a simple start. When you start to close the loop opened by your utmost aspirations by making them real, a secret heroic force within you makes itself known.

Sometimes the road gets tough, so you need not assume you're on the wrong path; it might be that patience is all you need to dig an indelible path where others behind you will follow. You need to keep moving, keep pushing forward for you not to be one of those individuals who quit on their aspirations the moment the smallest obstacle shows up. Keep running with the shadows of the night, for you're the one they love to hate so don't allow them to get past you. You have to learn to be outside and get high as high can be. 

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