Ife (love)

Ife the Yoruba word for "love" has diverse meanings to different people. In this piece, love is briefly described using terms the reader can relate with. What is love to you?

"Ife," they say is sweet and intoxicating like wine
Once you fall in it, coming out is difficult
It's amazing what people do for Ife
 It scares me the length people actually go for Ife
Like rain and snow from above 
Ife comes in and changes your whole perspective
 Like the light that shines by day and the moon by night, lfe brightens up our lives
Like the air one needs to live, man cannot thrive and survive without Ife

What is a man without Ife?
What is life without Ife?
Ife makes the world go round, the lack of it could spell disaster, calamity, and all evils yet untold.

Ife is evident in the gaze of a mother towards her child
Ife is evident when two youths, one male and the other female stay holding hands under the moonlight
Ife is what a father feels towards his Child
Ife is passion
Ife is fire
Ife is compassion
Ife is desire

It's impossible to know what true Ife is till you learn to first show Ife to yourself.
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