Ifunanya (short Story)

A short story of lovers professing love to each other...Ifunanya, I'm scared of coming to your house.

The last time I visited, your mother drenched me with water, and she warned me sternly never to come to ask of you anymore. As if that wasn't enough, your brother, Emeka, threatened to kill me if he saw me anywhere close to you again. Nne, I'm scared. That's why I'm writing this to you! You no longer come to the stream to fetch water anymore; I guess your mother asked you not to. I miss our roadside conversations, I miss your delightful hugs and kisses, I miss our hide and seek games, I miss those moments we used to play at the river, and I miss that charming smile of yours that is second to none. I used to think love is a mere word that actors and actresses utter on TV screens, but my perspective was altered the day I set my eyes on you. You gave me a perfect definition of what true love is.

A peek at you makes me feel like I just saw an angel, and that's why I want to spend my entire life gaping at your beautiful face. You're an exemplar of natural endowment! Do you know why? Let me tell you. But before I do, I want you to stand in front of a mirror. Nanya, do it, please. Now look at your alluringly pointed nose; look how faultlessly it connects with your sultry lips, unveiling a scintillating view. Now, look at the mirror again! Can you see that glamorous hair? A strand of it is enough to sweep away my pains. Sweetie, I want to be right by your side when that hair turns grey. I want to sail through life's nooks and crannies with you because you're the loving companion I've always prayed for.

For a second, behold those deep blue eyes of yours. See how luminous and gorgeous they are under those elegant eyebrows, birthing a canyon of beauty on your forehead. Again, look at that enthralling structure of yours. It makes me wonder if you're made from dust, just like every creature. No, you're not. Your structure incorporates a touch of diamond and a drizzle of pearl, and your heart is golden, just like the ray of the sun. I wish to stay up at night, drooling over your beauty while you sleep peacefully. I want to be your guardian angel. I know I'm not the best fighter; I used to get bullied in school. Nonetheless, I'll always be your hero. I'm beginning to do a lot of workouts just to ensure I keep fit. Very soon, I'll be strong enough to combat anyone who comes near you (excluding your brother Emeka). You're my most expensive item, and I'll do anything to protect you.

Darling, it feels so boring when I gaze at the moon and stars alone at night. I wish you could be there with me, leaning on my shoulder, while I play with your beautiful fingers. It's just like gazing at the creator's creation with one of his creatures right by my side. Someday, I'll love to visit the beautiful hills and beaches in Mauritius. But my love, it's not going to be a beautiful moment without you. Yes! I want to take you around the world. I want to give you the treat the Igwe has never given the Lolo. You're more than a queen, and I'll forever hold you in high esteem. Don't mind Oluchi and Uju, who always jeer you with the shawarma and pizza their boyfriends buy for them. Nwayioma, even if all I can offer you now is Okpa and Abasha. You're the reason I'm always working hard, and I'll pull every string to give you the best things in life. And if I can't, I'd rather die trying. Bringing your dreams to reality is what I want to make my catchphrase. I know I'm not buoyant materially, but with you, the sky is my starting point. Soon your mother and brother will know that Ihe neme.

Did I tell you I waited for you the other day? Yes, I waited under the tree behind Mazi Okorie's house, but you never showed up. It rained heavily that day, though; I guess that's why you didn't come. I wish you had come; we could have danced in the rain together. I know you're allergic to it, but I'll be your blanket if you get cold. You're an enigma, and that distinguishes you from other girls out there. I want to be your Bonnie while you be my Clyde. Have I told you I love you the same way Adam loves Eve? Yes, I do. It denotes I can disobey any mortal just because of you. If that makes me a criminal, I don't care. You started it first. You're the criminal who stole my heart away. I want to put hickeys on you. I want to hear you scream in ululation. You're my safe asylum, and I'll always run to you in my times of dismay.

Adugo'm. I wrote a poem for you last night. It's unfortunate I can't recite it to you in person, but I'll write it here for you. It goes thus. My heart skips a beat at the mention of your name. I want you to bits. I'll never cause you any pain. You're like an icing on the cake, an antidote to my unbearable aches. If loving you comes with bottlenecks, that route I have chosen to take, I know I don't deserve you, neither do I deserve to be loved by you, but here I'm assuring you that I'll stick with you, come grief, come doom. Dear Ifunanya, with you - I'll always glide higher, you're a gem - so expensive for any buyer that's why I want to say - Awurum gi Nanya, Honey, do you like it? Just bear in mind that I mean every word I wrote there, and I'll always do justice to them.

You know I don't want to incur your mother's wrath; neither do I want my bones to be crushed by your brother. I won't be able to give this letter to you myself. But don't worry, I'll give it to your friend, Chika. I'm sure she'll deliver it to you. My all in all, my exquisite ornament, my cuddle-bonnie, my Sunita cuter than Bonita, my sunshine and joy giver.



Nnem, Obimo,


Ngwanu daalu.

Your boyfriend, Obinna.

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