I'm Ready

Now should be the time to won't trying so hard holding on to what's not yours....sometime we might need to let go of situations that only put us in a tight corner.

Ready to ride 
the scary rides
Blow open my 
treasury vault
And leave all 
doubts behind.

Ready to quit 
Trotting endlessly
Along a visionless 
and fearful track.

Ready to ignite
Steps into the light
chase an adventure
That's all mine.

Ready to move on
Work on things that 
give my spirit wings
And give my heart a song.

Ready to push the dark away
And let the light lead the way
Ready to slay this beast
And escape its horrible pangs.

Ready to thread with stars
Not one, but a million stars
With smiles that brighten the night
To where the air is blue and sweet.
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