Imaginative Reality

This theme gives thought to the transition between 'Imagination' and 'Reality'.

The mind of a man is greatly influenced by a number of factors. What it sees, perceives, and finally acts on is limited to the mind power of the individual. Every wonder you see today was first an imagination, and for this reason, you can't just wake up and get things done; you first think about it before working on it.

The mind is a processor, just like the CPU of a computer system. There must be input with the desired output in viewTo a large extent, this input is determined by the information you let in. There is a difference between "hearing" and "listening"(Hearing entails waves being successfully absorbed by the eardrum, While listening requires full attention and acquisition of information that is being heard). The information you listen to plays a vital role in your mind's Chemistry!

If we take a look at a rampant cause of death in our society today, we realize most people are time bombs waiting for their time to elapse. Suicide is an Imaginative Reality! It is first conceptualized before execution. A number of inputs, pain, loss, discrimination, etc., conceives depression which ultimately gives birth to suicide.

Just as Suicide, Greatness is also an Imaginative Reality. The concept of 'Greatness' seems too cumbersome for some minds to comprehend, so they are complacent with their present decaying state. Been 'Great' does not necessarily entail riches. I see it as being valuable and relevant to your society. For greatness to transit from imagination to reality, there must be input, ' Value.'

The type of value you chew daily builds your imagination and gives it the required momentum to launch into the realm of reality. - Marvin Obadiah

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