Immature Love

Back in those days when we are still toddlers, we let our first cries together that day at the hospital. The love started; our heartbeats together as one, we both count thousands of stars in the gloomy sky at night, our journey of life is a dream you didn't get out of life; it's a sweet dream with fantasy, you are the queen that makes my day full of sunshine. I memorized when our tender love begins with ages .....

At age 5, we grow up as a friend making romantic moves with each other, at age 10, we both make an oath under the tree of love, lavender; It's a momentous hour sharing ourselves a sweet coated apple, and we both promised that Even ' Till ' death tear (s) apart, We will always be together till ' eternity.

AT age 15, our love goes deeper; we cannot do a day without sharing love letters and quotes; I have never seen love like this before; indeed, love runs in our realm. At age 20, your beauty drives me insane with your Sophisticated shape that always makes my eyes drowsy. At age 25, let fly to the planet of love; my heart beats counts star for you; at age 30, sunshine, you took an arrow to the heart that exploded my heart for love; it kills wandering negative thoughts; your quintessential beauty makes my grunting abdomen relieve pains. I can't imagine growing old with anyone else; Nor do I; OBIM. I don't need any dessert; I have your life is the flower, love is the honey.

Can you be my flower? I will be your butterfly in the garden of love. Then can you frame my name with your love? You are extraordinary, exquisite, and magical, and I'm so in love with you. Your Angelic face leaves me breathless, Will you forgive me for the happy tears of love? Just know I will be right there with you; I love the way light shines off your beautiful brown eyes.

Can you take me along with you? On rainy days, our love won't drown, In the dry days, our love won't dry. I will stay with you forever ❤️.

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