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In A Love-hate Relationship

A Romance-comedy story...My hatred for William Adeleke was confirmed the day he beheaded my doll when we were 5. William is a chronic bully and an annoying leech.

What was even more annoying was that he only picked on me; he was the sweetest boy in everyone's eyes but an archenemy in mine. We never got along since the first time we met as babies, and if left alone in a room, we would be tearing at each other with absolute hate. It was like our guilty pleasure was to see the other person cry or feel pain. On my 8th birthday, I woke up to a ruined birthday dress. At one of our graduation parties in secondary school, he spiked my drink, and I embarrassed myself in front of everyone present. He poured dye on my hair shampoo one time, and I had blue hair for a week. Of course, I didn't let him go scot-free; I locked him in the school bathroom when his football game was starting when we were 13, and he missed the game. I made his then-girlfriend, who he really liked, break up with him by making her think he was cheating on her with me. I pulled his pants down in primary school one time too. For every prank he gave, I returned it with equal energy. I had a fiery temper, and he had endless tricks up his sleeves.

People find it hard to believe when I tell them how much I hate him, especially when they know or find out that our fathers are childhood friends, and even their wives (our mothers) are good friends too. It was impossible to avoid him; our families are next-door neighbors, we attended and still attend the same school from kindergarten to university, and our families even have dinner together every Sunday evening. To seal up the entire bag of troublesome friendship, our fathers promised to marry their children off (us) to each other to continue the "love." I don't see how that's going to work out because I think William just broke my last straw of self-control. Here I was, standing in front of my car that was designed with a different shade of colors like a unicorn pooped on it. The car was just a few weeks old; I got it as a gift from my dad on my 23rd birthday. beautiful car; I haven't even drank in it yet. William, you are so dead. 

" WILLIAM!!!" my voice echoed endlessly throughout the usually quiet estate. I was seeing red, and I bet if I was in animation, anger steams would have been pouring out of my ears. "jeez, why are you so loud so early in the morning?" my archenemy says as he steps out lazily from the front pouch of his hostel. Yeah, you guessed right, we are next-door neighbors in school too. Trust me; this is way better than us being roomies like our parents first suggested. He tries to feign confusion, but it is easy to read the mischief in his black orbs. I have seen them one too many times to miss it. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU" I scream and lunge at him. He seems to have already expected my attack, so he quickly backs up and runs to a distance. He was damn fast, so I couldn't reach him. "come on, Adele, move those chicken legs," he mock-shout as he clutched his stomach in laughter. Yes, I was named after the singer with it. My mum is a die-hard fan. I attempt to run after him, but I think better of it as I see other students come out of their hostels with interest in watching; some watched through the window and gossiped cheerfully like we were their morning show. I even saw a guy taking out his phone to record. "It's them again."

"Awwn, They are so cute together. God when? am I a potato?" "I'm on Team William, but William is definitely going to get crushed by Adele's anger" "Is this the last straw for Adele?" "I really hope it is; maybe then she can give me a chance" Little chatter could be heard from the students as they watched us with interest. I could feel my vision darken, and my body swayed in shock. What the heck is this? A couple of reality shows? Everyone seems to be in a different world where William and I are the perfect couple. No matter how much I complain and explain, they just wave off my hatred for him and fawn over our "love." "I have a boyfriend, y'all!" I exclaim in frustration as I huff and walk angrily into my hostel. Ugh! Why is my life like this? I grabbed my phone from the bed to call Mrs. Helen, William's mom, to report and just as she picked up, my phone was suddenly snatched from my hands by the devil himself. "don't worry, mum, everything is fine," William rushed out and hanged up. "how dare you?" I shouted and jumped on top of him; this time, he was too slow to run, so he let out a girly scream as I crashed on top of him. We both fell on the bed with me on top, I didn't give him enough time to react as I hit him everywhere possible. "you better fix my car by this evening, or I'll be calling your dad next time," I warn seriously as I continue hitting him. I knew he had the money to fix it, and I also knew he was scared of his dad. Reporting him to his dad is my greatest Trump card.

"Okay...okay, fine," he says in-between shouts of ouch. Seeing that my beating didn't slow down at all, he forcefully grabbed my hands and flipped us over, so he was straddling me. Pinning my hands on the bed, our fast breaths were the only sound that we could hear as we stared at each other's eyes. My stomach got the strangest feeling of butterflies, and my heart didn't calm down at all. His eyes were hard to pull away from... intoxicating should be the word. Due to my hatred, I have always shoved any romantic feelings for William away. I always saw him as an annoying fly that was a huge pain in my ass. There are many times I just wanted to strangle him with a pillow and damn the consequences...but now, I don't understand why my body was reacting this way. "hey babe, why is...what the hell is going on here?" The sound of Femi's voice jolts me from my trance, and I instinctively push William off me. He lands on the floor with a thud. "Jesus christ Adele, what was that for?" William groans in pain as he manages to get up.

I don't bother apologizing as I push him out of my room and slam the door on him. That was just a little payback, so there's no need to be apologetic. I turned and gave a stunned Femi a hug. "it's nothing, babe; he ruined my car and was fighting with me for my phone when I tried to call his mum," I said casually as I inhaled his scent. Damn! He smelled good. In case you haven't figured it out, Femi is my boyfriend. He knows William too, as he is literally in every part of my life, but they don't get along well because...he is not a friend after all, and Femi wasn't a fan of our "closeness." "you expect me to believe that?" he asks incredulously as he pulls me off him. "babe, you don't trust me? It was 100% coincidental; I swear" I pout and snuggle into his embrace again.

He grunts in response but still doesn't hug me back. Knowing how insecure he could be, I quickly changed the topic. "you ready for this evening?" I smiled widely as I thought about it. Today by 4, Femi is following me home; I want to introduce him to my parents at the get-together this evening. It's actually a surprise, so I am very excited about it. "yeah...about that..." he hesitates, and his face clouds over with a blank expression. "I know that face...Femi, NO, I don't want to listen to any excuse you have to say," I warn sternly as I loosen my hold to stare at his face. He is not going to cancel on me. "How sure are you that they will like me? Do you still think your parents would even look at me twice when they are all about William, William, William?!" He diverts and gestures with his hands and an eye roll. "But that's the more reason we should see them; they will understand how serious I am when they see you, and even William's parents will be there to see that too," I plead as I give him the baby doll eyes, he won't be able to resist me now. "Some plans came up, that's why I'm not sure if I can come, I will try and see if I can reschedule... I will update you later but don't keep your hopes up," he says with a small smile; he gives me a kiss and goes into the restroom.

I don't push any further because I know that I'll be pushing my luck if I were to insist. Femi is very sensitive to topics concerning William. No matter how much I hated him and tried to avoid him, he still somehow seeped into my relationship and shook it from its root. I mean, my parents have already mentally married me off to William, and he is always close by like an ant is to sugar. Even our neighbors and friends ship us together. Any guy will feel insecure about it, and it is extra effort to keep the relationship working like that. I rubbed my glabella as I could feel a headache coming on; somehow, even when William wasn't here, he still managed to reduce me to such a state. Damn him! The beeping of Femi's phone on the bed brings me out of my thoughts. I grabbed it and opened it; it was a text message from "engineer Nosa"... I figured that it might be urgent, so I clicked on the reading message. "This is the address, see you later by 4. Don't be late, love, I'll be waiting", a heart and kiss emoji and an address. I am not that dumb not to figure out that something is going on, and my heart breaks at the thought of Femi cheating. I never actually thought of Femi being unfaithful because he was a good guy that I liked a lot, we even had plans on getting married, and I trust him. Sure, I have had guys date me in the past because of money, but I have never had any cause to worry with Femi. Seems like I was wrong.

I read the address carefully, and that's when I realized it led to a hotel. My heart went cold, and I suddenly felt like I had aged a decade. Tears threatened to spill, and I could only cover my mouth to stop myself from screaming. I try to come up with a good reason for what I just saw, but I keep coming up short. The sound from the restroom indicated that Femi was about to come out; I quickly marked the message as unread and returned the phone to its former position on the bed. Just as I did so, Femi stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his naked body. If not for the disturbing message I just read, I would have jumped him and showered him with kisses. He seems to have noticed the unusual reaction, so he walks closer and tries to touch me intimately. I stop him and step back a bit; avoiding his gaze, I say, "I am already late for an appointment; I gotta go... I'll be back before 4" I don't give him a chance to reply as I quickly grabbed my bag and rushed out. Femi doesn't stay with me in my hostel, just little sleepovers here and there. Stepping out in the morning sun, my sadness solidifies into anger every passing minute. How could he cheat so freely without remorse? Does he not have a once of respect for me? The more I think about it; the more my body shakes in anger. I make up my mind to find out who that opportunist is cheating on me with. The girl must be the "something that came up" that's why Femi wanted to cancel on me. Bastard.

I fume all the way to my car, and the colors that greet me remind me of that darned William. It was like a grenade of anger exploded in my head when I thought of the two idiot boys who were currently making my life hell. I turned around and was about to match up to William to maybe finally strangle him to death when I saw his parked car by the side. A devilish smile plays on my lips as an idea pops into my head. I search a bit till I see a few nails on the floor; I pick one up and proceed to puncture the tyres of William's car. The sound of air whizzing out of the tyres made me smile and ease some of my anger. After I was done with my masterpiece, I stood to admire it. My anger is still not fully quelled, so another idea floats into my head. I pick up a small stone, the size of a palm, and just as I am about to throw it towards one of the car windscreens, I hear a screech from a shocked William behind his window. He hurriedly starts to leave the hostel, and I don't wait for him to do so as I throw the stone and take off, running to my car. I enter the driver's seat just in time as a fuming William marches towards me. I turned on the ignition and started driving out with speed. William tries to block me by standing in front of my moving car, But he jumps out of the way when he realizes that I wasn't slowing down at all. I secretly wished he had stayed a little bit longer; I mean, who wouldn't believe me if I said I mistakenly ran him over?

Now that we are even, I drive to a car repair shop and repaint the damaged areas. It caused me quite a sum that left my heart aching, but the thought of my revenge healed it to a reasonable level. I still plan on reporting William to his parents so I can get compensation for the damage. Yeah, I didn't say I am a good girl. Also, I forgot to mention that our parents are quite rich; only rich people can afford to make alliances with their children. So that was another reason they were trying to pair William and me up so desperately, For alliance in business. 

They are yet to agree that William and I are dead ends; we can't just work. We are meant to be two parallel lines that shouldn't meet, never, or else an explosion might occur. It will be a miracle if one of us doesn't end up in jail on our wedding night; talk more of staying together forever.

With everything that happened, I just wanted to sulk in a corner. There was William and now Femi to bother about. We had been dating for a year and half years and I was really beginning to see my future with him. I still silently prayed all this was a misunderstanding. I drove to the address the other party sent to Femi, and luckily they were quite a few cars to blend in. It was still 1 in the afternoon, so it was still too early. I didn't know when I drifted off to sleep in the car. The sound of my phone ringing woke me up a few hours later. I pick up without checking the ID. "hey babe, sorry I can't come with you...I couldn't reschedule. Next time, I promise to make it up to you," he says and hangs up. I checked the time, and it was just a few minutes after 4. Despite the dreadful feeling in the pit in my stomach, I step out of the car and fix my clothes. Putting on a big hat and dark glasses, I walked cautiously into the hotel hall and prayed that I wasn't too late. Just as I approach the reception, I catch a glimpse of Femi walking into the hotel. I quickly hide and follow him cautiously. My heart grows frantic as I continue to follow him deep into the hotel. He suddenly stops at a door and knocks. I stare without blinking, hoping to catch the lady that comes out, but my knees threaten to give way when a guy comes out instead and gives Femi a passionate hug and a kiss.

Wait! Engineer Nosa is actually a guy? When I saw the ID, I assumed Engineer Nosa was a cover-up name, so I won't suspect a thing. Who would have thought that it would be an actual guy? That would mean Femi was gay, or could it be bi? I don't even care anymore about confronting them as they walk into the room and close the door. My thoughts are just too jumbled up to react. I just turn around and begin to walk out of the hotel like I just saw a ghost. I don't know how to feel at the revelation, whether to cry or laugh at the ridiculousness of the ill. I walk past my car and enter the bar not too far from the hotel. Ordering a dozen of alcoholic drinks, I sit by myself in the corner and drink away my sorrows. A couple of minutes or hours later, I was already drunk, and my eyelids were getting heavy with sleep. I didn't bother fighting it as I embraced it with open arms.*** "we are home," A voice says, and I feel a slight tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see William staring at me; sleep cleared from my eyes immediately at the proximity. We were both in my car. It wasn't too hard to figure out that he drove me home from the bar. I wonder how he found me. I looked around, and we were really in front of our hostels. This was the first time we were this close and weren't exchanging words or fists. The air grew too awkward, and I contemplated what to say. 

"Aren't you going to ask me what happened?" I ask suddenly feeling shy, which surprised me; I haven't spoken to him this casually before. "you rabble a lot in your sleep, you know, and don't worry, I taught him a lesson for you," he smiles with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Trust me, when his eyes glow like that, then his victims are done for. Ask me, and I will know. I hide my pleased look and ask, "wait, how did you find me?" "This is a school area, remember? And we are quite popular. I got a call on my way to the get-together about a "friend" of mine drinking herself to a stupor," He says with a blank face and a tone of amusement in his voice. I give an embarrassed smile. Today has been quite a day; I found out my boyfriend is cheating on me with a guy, and I'm in the car with the one person I disliked the most. Crazy. But there is one question that plagues my mind... "but why did you help me, William? We are not friends or even acquaintances...we hate each other and always waiting to strike in each other's moments of weakness. You are the last person that I would ever imagine to be there for me, so is there any sudden twist to this?"

He stiffens but eventually sighs and turns to look me dead in the eyes. "No sudden twist Adele. Just that, I couldn't stand seeing you so down and sad" "but you always make me feel sad and angry?" I retort and roll my eyes. "No, that's different; it's super fun to annoy you... it's my favorite pastime, actually," he sighs dreamily with a smile like a lunatic. My mouth forms an O, and I attempt to smack him with my bag. Has this boy finally lost his mind? He pauses my attack and continues, "but it's not so fun when someone else does it; it makes me angry instead, and I want to get back at them for making you cry" "so I'm supposed to be your personal victim?" I ask incredulously. What the heck? Is this some kind of love-hate relationship? "yes, exactly," He says like I finally understand.

I raise my bag and don't hesitate to smack him continuously with it. His screams of ouch fill the car, and I can't help but feel satisfied by his screams. I think I finally understand why we are a crazy combination.  "Alright, that's enough," he says as he tosses the bag to the back seat and grabs my hands to seal my movement. He was extremely close to me now, our faces only inches apart. His eyes draw me in, and I find myself unable to pull away. His gaze falls on my lips and back at my eyes. My heart pumps so loudly that I wonder if he can hear it. The effect he had on me was almost tangible. I get a sense of deja Vu from earlier today, and butterflies go on a rampage in my stomach. How can one person make you feel like committing murder one minute and kissing them senseless the next minute? "let's start all over," he whispers, his voice sending chills down my spine. "what?" I whisper back, but I don't get a response. Instead, his lips press on mine. It only took a second to recover from the shock, then I kissed him back passionately and pulled him closer to cover the distance. A few minutes later, we pulled apart to catch our breaths, our lips were swollen and our hearts beating loudly. "so what does this make us?" he asked with a smirk and mischief swirling in his eyes. "I hate you," I say, trying and failing miserably to hide my smile. That's it; one of us is definitely going to jail on our wedding night.

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