In Memories Of A Nigerian Immigrant

A tale of a Nigerian Immigrant...A tale of resilience, strength, and pain; I left my homeland with much to gain;

A tale of resilience, strength, and pain
I left my homeland with much to gain
A land of poverty, injustice, unrest
I had reached my threshold; I confess 

I made my decision despite the fears
The angst and anxiety through all these years
But what's a life without taking risks?
A journey of courage I will embark upon and bask in. 

Daunting questions arise in an uncertain time
A cacophony of trepidation in thought climbs
Gripped by nostalgia for days gone past
Vulnerable but hopeful, I anxiously cast 

My gaze toward destiny with determination 
To make it mine, my joy and celebration
Enthusiastic by opportunities abroad 
Filled with invigoration, I face the facade 

Ensuing battles I would soon engage 
Till I taste sweet victory's final stage 
My resilience solidified over time 
Rendering success within reach sublime  

Now an influential migrant transformed by trial 
Reaping the rewards beyond any denial 
Proudly narrating memoirs of my journey here 
Bearing witness to dreams now so near!

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