In My Shoes

People go through different issues in life at different phases. We should not compare one person to another because we handle them differently.

When I was born
I was without shoes
Now as an adult
I find myself in different shoes
Some of them
I choose to buy
Some were gifts or so I thought
Others, I can't just tell
How I got them
But, I never stole any.

Some of these shoes fit perfectly
Some don't fit
Some are way too big
Others are too tight
Yet I wear them
Enduring the discomfort.

When you see me having them on
You admire them on my feet
But you may not understand that
'He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.

We all wear these shoes
whether you have legs or not
We all have and face issues in life
Just as I have mine
You too have yours
You know yours and
I know mine
Even when the issues appear similar
We go through them differently.

So, when next you see me walk past you
Do not be quick to
just admire the shoes on my feet
But answer this question
Can you be in my shoes?
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