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In The Beginning - Chapter 3

Due to the unexpected break-in, an emergency meeting was immediately created in the laboratory. Most of the people in the bunker still wore their nightgowns with Desert Eagles pistols armed in their hands.

It was a protocol that each member of the TMF should protect themselves from any unfavorable circumstances. "I called this meeting to bring to your attention that there was a successful break-in in this bunker. While an investigation is running on the entity behind this attack, you are all obliged to stay in your rooms with your work tool until further notice", Lucy spoke with an air of authority.

This statement caused the crowd to murmur. They were disproved about the order. "Until we find out who is behind it, no one is leaving here. Do you understand?" Lucy added. As soon as she was done, she dispersed the crowd. Kolade, who was behind her, approached her. "Lucy, there's something I need to tell you," Kolade said. "I came to tell you something as well," Lucy interjected. "I'm sending you and Nnamdi to 1967. A wormhole has popped up in that area.", Lucy said. Nnamdi was the grey-white bearded barber Caleb, and Kolade met in the barber's shop. As Kolade didn't say anything, Lucy continued. "It's on the Island. Gear up", Lucy said and walked past Kolade. "Lucy, hold on," Kolade ran and stopped her. "Nnamdi is not in the right shape to go for now. His hands are still healing from the wound he got in the last mission".

In their last mission, right before Kolade met Caleb, he and Nnamdi went to 1994 to shrink a wormhole, but they were ambushed by unknown assassins. Unfortunately, Nnamdi's right arm was shot. Thankfully, it was a superficial wound, but the bullet fractured his upper arm joints. Lucy sighed and faced Kolade. "You are not going alone again. It's risky", she said. "Lucy, I've done this job alone, and--" "And you barely made it out alive, agent Kolade. We are not discussing this again", Lucy interrupted him with a stone face. "You must take someone otherwise; I'll do it by myself," Lucy said. "We've talked about this already. You can't do this. You're the commander over us", Kolade said solemnly. "So it's settled. Find someone to assist you in the mission", Lucy concluded and headed back to the laboratory.* * *

First Person POV.

This was the first time in my entire life I've been subjected to such a life-and-death situation. That moment that that black figure man pointed the gun at my face, I saw my life flash before my eyes. I was terrified. An hour had passed, but the trauma was still relayed in my heart, and I couldn't even sleep again. Even in my awaken state, I was having nightmares, or daymares—I don't know what to call them.

However, while I was still recuperating, the room's door suddenly opened, jump-starting my heart again. I stood up and positioned myself in a fighting stance. It was Kolade. He stared at me strangely while trying to hold his laugh "relax, man., I'm not here to kill you," he chuckled. I had to force my throbbing heart to calm down before I was able to sit again. Was this what soldiers go through in war? Every second of being on the battlefield put them at risk of losing their lives, yet they still march on with such blind courage. I don't know about you, but I don't think I would ever be a soldier, not for any reason.

"There's another wormhole that has popped here in Lagos, and I cannot go alone. Can you accompany me, for this once? I promise you won't experience this ordeal again", Kolade said, looking at me in the eyes. "In Lagos?" I asked. "Positive. And we're going now", Kolade smiled and stood up. "Wait, hold on, now? I'm still traumatized?" I protested. "Suck it up, Caleb," Kolade said with irritation but immediately became apologetic. I could see that he was stressed, so I didn't blame him, although I was already feeling anger in my heart. It was my nature. "Sorry for that outburst. My sleep wasn't complete. Take your time and recover at your pace. I'll just go by myself", Kolade said and opened the door.

Another part of my nature was to become guilty of refusing to help someone. It has always been like that since I hit puberty. Before that, I was a terrible bully. I couldn't remember what even made me have a change of heart. "Did Lucy knows about this arrangement?" I asked. "No, and I'm certain that she will kill me if she learns that you accompanied me," Kolade answered. "That's irresponsible," I retorted with a raised brow. Kolade simply turned back and headed to the door. "But I want to follow you!" I replied, raising my voice. The idea of following an agent to the past was thrilling.

"Prepare now and meet me in the lab," Kolade said simply and closed the door behind him. So I headed to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, and wore the official uniform I noticed being hung on the wall of my room. Fifteen minutes later, I was already dressed up and left for the laboratory. Kolade was waiting for me. He briefed me on the mission info, but I wasn't too keen on it. It was the time travel idea I was interested in.

The existence of time travel still amazes me. I'm very much sure that the person that built the time machine must be a revolutionary genius. "Agent Kolade, did the commander approves of this lad to accompany you on the mission?" The Hispanic man said. "Yes, he did… ahem", Kolade quickly said and cleared his throat, a sign of nervousness. Henry glanced at me momentarily, then approached us and handed us wristwatches. "This is a returned watch. It takes you back to the timeline you came from; Kolade saw my confusion and explained. "Oh."

Then, we were taken into a platform. There were two seats mounted there and a screen facing one of these seats. Kolade sat on the seat with the screen facing him while I sat opposite. A circular ring was etched around the seats, making it look more like a Dr. Strange quarters than scientific artistry.

" Year input complete. I'm ready, commander", Kolade announced after pressing something on the screen. Lucy then signaled the Hispanic man, who slammed the red blinking button on his side. The circular ring around us began to spew out static electricity, forming a hemispherical globe around us. This action made the globe opaque, with white flashes flickering all over us. Five seconds later, the disorganized electric charges began to unify until I was able to see the crews in the library again.

Then, I watched something unbelievable. Lucy was in the process of saying "Good Luck" when her speech and movement began to slow down. Kolade, having done this more than ten times, was used to it, tapped on the screen, and everything outside slowed down even more until it came to an absolute stop. The watches on our hands began to tick even more loudly. The clock outside the globe started ticking backward, at first slowly, then it gained pace and increased speed even more.

As time went on, the clock's hand was so fast it became invisible. I watched as the bunker was unbuilding itself until what was around us was nothing but bushes and shrubs. Then, the process stopped. Our watches then beeped again. "Timeline calibrated: 1967" was what was written on the digital face. "Come on out," Kolade said and left the chair. However, I became confused. "Sorry, sir, but what about the time machine? Surely you cannot just leave it here", I said. "Don't worry, apart from us; no one would be able to see it. And aside from that, who in their right mind would come all the way here?" Kolade said with a smirk. What's with him and this smile, sef?"This area you once thought of as your school was once this," Kolade said and pointed his finger at the bushes around us. "Wow," I was indeed awed. The feeling of being in the past, plus the smell of plants around him, was enough to make me giddy. It's so much hard to explain it with words.

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