Olabisi 2 years ago

In The Strange Land

The poem exposes the struggles and infliction of the sojourners in the strange land (during wartime).

Because of his death,
We had to face a lot of flak.
Living on the streets: parched, starving and cold;
Always on the run and hide,
As if we’re at war with law and order.
Everything we earned, we gave away
To play with guns and bullets,
When we lost our way home,
We bribed and got an extra dose of happiness.
The moon spoke about our silence
When it illuminated radiantly;
It always right when it shined like a fresh rose.
Something we known
Was only a temporary solution to our problem:
…back to our country,
…back to our home.
We’re the people that were bound by our helplessness
We fought for survival
Even when we didn’t know
Where our next meal would come from,
The more we suffered 
The closer our death be.
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