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Industry Skills You Need, That Get You Hired As A Fiction Writer

Industry skills you need to get you hired as a Fiction Writer: Yes, you're a fiction writer and novelist. But are you employable? has been a life changer for me. Ever since I realized this website, my writing game has improved well. I've been taking writing classes in the past and improving my skills. But something was missing. "Chiamaka, you need to have a social media presence." I've done that. "You have to write consistently."

That's my second name. "Join writing competitions" Over two years now... "Start a blog." Am I a joke to you?😫 But why am I not getting writing gigs?! Well, well, well... So much for doing this, learning that, going here, being there... Then I asked myself... Is there something I'm missing? Then I came across this wonderful website called

You can google it. It opened my eyes to not only getting skilled but also getting industry skills that will make me employable as a writer. I searched on Google, and lo and behold....! I have been doing it all wrong. What's this? Time management skills? Research skills? SEO Marketing skills? Negotiation and persuasion? Content marketing? Networking and collaboration? Me, that's an introvert... Just Dey Play. Blog writing? Copywriting?! Woah... Design skill? What...?!🙂 That's when I realized I still had a long way to go...

The truth is I've been improving, but it hasn't been easy at all. It's not about getting Cambridge-certified writing courses... Are you employable? Can people trust you to deliver projects on time? Can you conduct proper research? Can you close a book deal of $10,000 without batting an eye?

Dear writer, I've said enough... Let's get to work. Shall we?😁

The Untamed Writer.

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