Innocent But?

Two best friends, one ends up dead. The million-dollar question is, who killed him?

He was my best friend. No! He still is, but he is missing. Kunle was missing, he had been missing for four days. His parents and siblings had contacted the police to report the incident. I was also helping as I wanted him back home soon. Kunle had left home to go visit a friend but he never got to my house. There was a report, the police seemed to have found something, as soon as I heard I ran over to Kunle's home. They found a shred of his cloth in a bush on the next street. I was happy, Kunle was getting found little by little. Kunle was finally going to get home. We all quickly went into the bush to search further, if we could get any other clues about Kunle's whereabouts whatsoever.

I found his shoe! I screamed to the others moving in the opposite direction. I quickly raised a pair of his shoe that I found. The others quickly came to the path I was following to confirm what I had just said. We all progressed on that path as we all had more hope that we would find Kunle soon. I led them on the bushy path, and we all trod carefully. We got to a river, a shallow river. It was the end of the bushy path, we all look at one another with saddened eyes. Kunle's mum looked at me with eyes that threatened to burst out tears.

Then, I saw Kunle. I found him. He looked so calm like nothing had happened. He looked so peaceful. He was just lying at the river bank, with his shorts on and his shoe on his left leg. That's him, I pointed to him. His mother's head snapped towards where I pointed my hands. She ran like a cheetah to where she saw his figure, pulled him towards her, and cried loudly. I was confused, we found Kunle, why was she crying so loudly? Kunle was now home, just like I wanted him to be. I was glad we found him. His father had carried him from the river bank to their house. Immediately we left the bush and entered the street, people began to follow us till we got home, I think they were also glad that we found Kunle. However, why was everyone looking gloomy? Why was Kunle's mum crying out her heart? Why was his dad panting around the living room with an expression that could not be ascertained? After all, Kunle was lost but now he is found.

Just 3 days ago, I met Kunle a street away from his house. He was on his way to my house. I was also on my way to his house. I wanted to bring him along with me to get mangoes. I told him to accompany me and he agreed. While getting mangoes, I played with Kunle, but the usual gentle Kunle just wanted us to get the mangoes and leave. As I was way taller than Kunle, I gently pushed him and he fell into the river behind the mango tree. I laughed at how he was being a baby.

"Kunle, get out of the water and let's go home," I said while laughing. I left him and went home, after playing in the water, you'd come to meet me at home. After walking a while, yet Kunle was not behind me, I went to the river and hardly saw him, I jumped in and dragged him to the river bank.

Dead! Kunle was Dead! I was surprised, yet it looked funny. Just like that? But the river was shallow; it wasn't so deep. It looked like the villain movies I had always watched. Wow!! Was I the villain in this movie? I smiled inwardly; I removed his top from his now cold body and tore it into shreds; I removed a pair of his shoe, just like I had watched in a villain movie. Kunle looked so peaceful, he looked calm like he had always looked.

I began placing the shreds of cloth and the pair of shoes around the bush like I was playing a game of clues. I loved it! I enjoyed it! It was totally fun! After doing this, I went home, took my bath, and slept happily. Now, I'm in Kunle's home, and his parents are weeping but shouldn't it be the reverse? I mean Kunle is peaceful and calm, right? I wonder if this would still be their reaction if they knew what I knew.

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