Insecurity; A Bane That Torments All Alike

Before now, there was already intensifying insecurity and economic stagnation caused by the deep waste that had been created by many years of administrative inefficiency. The unemployed were hungry; even the workers often cried out for salaries. Farmers were being chased from their farms; the school children had been out of school since February, and kidnapping had gradually become a legit business. The country is getting ensnared by mounting insecurity situations ranging from kidnapping to banditry, and religious and tribal tensions, among millions of other uncalled situations. Kidnapping, most especially, remains a wild plague that gives us all a sleepless night and would not allow us to breathe.

The situation has become worse that the federal government had to negotiate a swap deal with the terrorists, isn't that funny? I don't think it's anywhere funnier than the same terrorist failed to honor the swap deal they allegedly entered into with the government over the release of the train attack captives. Can we say that the terrorist is shrewder than the federal government or what? Pranking them into releasing their imprisoned accomplices, at least 30 of them were freed by the federal government, all for the train captive to be released.

Presently 37 of the victims have been freed, while about 35 or so are still in this so-called terrorist captive. Guess what, if reports are to be believed, it was said that ransoms were being paid before these 37 could be freed. When will this end? When will the federal government be wise and wake up from this deep discombobulation they're in at the moment? Paying ransom to these people will only strengthen them and give them the intuition that this is a legit business for them to make money from which major part of it might be used or has been used in purchasing ammunition in case the federal government raised war to bitterly massacre them and cleanse our lands of these series of nemesis that discombobulate all alike. 

Are you not aware of the threat by the terrorists to kidnap our Bubu and one of his compatriots (El Rufai)? Were you not in the country when the president's advance team was attacked in Katsina? A few days ago, soldiers guarding Bubu were attacked in Abuja. Were you not aware that some of them were injured and even killed in the process? I am sure it is no more news that the deputy speaker of the house of representatives proclaimed that he read more than 40 security reports from the Department of State Services (DSS), warning of an imminent attack in Kuje Correctional Center in Abuja. 

The ever-busy Abuja-Kaduna expressway now housed the enemy of the country ( terrorists and kidnappers), making it a scary territory for the masses to traverse. Who dares follow there in the night will be believed to have enough to pay for his ransom. Don't tell me you're not aware of the attack that happened at Owo in Ondo State, where over 40 people, including children, were killed. Don't forget that this happened in a church. Making going to church or mosque to worship is a rigorous decision to make. 

The dollar keeps surging on a daily basis, from 200 to over 700 naira and still rising; kidnappers are tormenting the masses, turning all their access roads into the hideout and unsafe for them to access again. Kidnappers are getting rich and fat from the hefty ransom paid by the masses. The insecurity situation in the country has reached its peak. No life is safe again, and no place can be called a safe haven again, not even a church or mosque. 

Now is the time to come together; to end this is not an individual task but requires collective efforts. Let's stop looking for shortcuts; this is just a test we can pass. Now is the time to quit getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Whether we are spread out to the West or to the South, we may be at any corner of the world, but here will still remain our respite after a long walk. This is our home; in her lap, we were all born, home of honor, zeal, and majesty. We can together make her our pride, our dignity, and our world's paradise and raise her name to the sky so that the ray of our success will be spread by every Sun. 

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