Inspiring Proverbs

When trees fall on trees, first the topmost must be removed…meaning that when you’re faced with two or more important things to choose from, you must first choose the most important one.

The toad and the frog may claim oneness; still, a toad is a toad, and a frog is a frog…meaning that no matter how two things might look alike, there must be a slight difference between them. Simply put, each of us is unique.

When crocodiles eat their own eggs, what will they not do with the flesh of a hen? Meaning that if someone could treat his own blood relative so cruelly, there is nothing he can’t do to anyone not related to him.

It is said that the secret of a home should first be made known to the head of the home… meaning that any family information should first be told to the head of that home, whether father or mother, as the case may be.


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