Telling lies; Never dies; Remove Lai; Leave Mohammed; And there won't be a liar;

Telling lies
Never dies
Remove Lai
Leave Mohammed
And there won't be a liar

I asked a teacher her name
Faintly, she said Lizabeth
I didn't get her so I asked: Liz-a-bird
Or Liz I bet?
Angrily she replied: Liz abet 

Because of my accent
In there
In India
Are you a Buharist?
No, I use my sense

I'm in love with the girl from Benue
But her family friend said: Ben-no-way
Of course, I am a nobody
That has nobody 
That knows somebody

But let's pay for the shipment
Of 'Men of God'
So they can pray for our loads

Our hearts make us gentlemen
But for them, it is a suit and tie
Any other thing goes beneath the cement
Of furnished English
No matter what they unleash

1, 2, 3, 4
A, B, C, D
A great way of showing intelligence 
Yet, the character is the best intelligence
How do we resolve our intransigence
A kind of moral negligence?

The above stanzas are seven
Five quintets and a sestet, not eleven 
Now you are reading a septet
Not the same, but all set
All fingers are not equal
All needed and valuable
This is not casual 

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