Irony Of Love

I regretted the first day I set my eyes on you; You promised me our love is from Genesis to Revelation; You promised to stay with me forever even ' Till ' death tear(s) apart;

I regretted the first day I set my eyes on you,
You promised me our love is from Genesis to Revelation,
You promised to stay with me forever even ' Till ' death tear(s) apart,
Yet I swim in ocean of pains to see your face every day.

I memorized your solemn voices every day when I'm awake; you said in your words " I won't leave you for anyone; Nor do I want to,
where are you then; My Queen,
You made me realize truly love doesn't exist.

You have been lying all days with your sweet coated mouth my queen,
You turned our early sweet love to forever pains in my heart,
I thought you will be mine forever; I never knew I was daydreaming all these days,
Yet I never stop brooding about your love morning and night.

I remember the scenery plays that happens when you said you aren't interested again for love,
You turned the whole love journey to an endless trek of pain,
Back to the days when our love started,
We both Walk on the land of love having this special luscious moment with you,
We both promised love under the tree of love and lavender,
I love the way the light shines of your beautiful eyes.

You are amazing and beautiful that I cannot look away,
Then all our love drowns in pains,
I can't stop hearing our melodious voices of love in my realm,
Then it all ended in an irony of love,
Our love goes with total silence,
It's hard to let you go but I guessed we are never destined together.
So I've been dreaming all these days about love 😓

I pray love finds you
and change your view
Because love is a beautiful thing
When it is true.

I pray you find the right person
Who would love you without reason
In good and in trying times
Someone who would love you every season.

Everyone deserves love
You aren't an exception
It's only for a while
You will find the one.
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