Is Justice Relative?

Tony was birthed into a poverty-stricken family. I mean the type of family a Nigerian will refer to as dirtily poor. It will be very hard to say exactly at what age Tony had started hawking; groundnut, pepper, tomatoes, kerosene, seasonings, and vegetables, as he has grown up a street hawker.

Just to aid grandma in bringing food to the table. Grandma is the only family figure Tony had grown up to know. Though she has refused-knit and fist to talk about it, he has, however, learned from neighbors that his mother is what is locally called "Osiozame," a public whore who has no moral poise for chastity. She couldn't just abort him after the doctor had diagnosed her with mid sepsis and dissuade her from committing another feticide as it could culminate in death. She had carried the pregnancy with perforce and disdain and had dumped him in blood lumps to grandma to carry on her pilgrimage of obscenity. 

Being the only child of her mother- grandma had transferred the knitted affection and love for her little grandson. She took the darn responsibility of giving him the best life she could offer to Tony. After floundering through primary education, a grandma who could even nurse the thought of a college because of her improvised state had enrolled Tony in carpentry. Though Grandma believes in the propitious of education, she just couldn't afford it for Tony. It was a Saturday evening when Mr. Usman, the councilor representing their ward, came to her house alongside Kunle, Tony's Boss. Grandma was queer - though it is an election period where many politicians engage in political jingoisms and hypocritical altruism- she knew that she didn't make a count. She does not matter a fling.

It was Mr. Kunle who had discussed with Grandma how Hon. Usman wants to take the guardianship of the little Tony, and how he is interested in financing his college education.

Hon. Usman is a known forthright political revolutionist who is committed to rewriting the cerebral idea of dirt politicizing. It was on one of such community projects in which he functions in the hand of Mr. Kunle that he had met little Tony. He took an interest in Tony's cleverness and comely nature. When he later learned of Tony's hapless circumstances, he submitted to rendering every possible help he could. Though Grandma was skeptical about expending her only company and confide, she, however, takes solace in the wheel of destiny and will not stand in Tony's chance of getting a life she can not give.

All thanks to Hon. Usman, who, in his humanitarian and altruistic disposition, has given Tony the life he only could dream of - a loose figment of his imagination. Tony, now a successful detective agent who had built a thriving forage for himself for clapping down on hardened criminals. Detective Tony has become sleek, murky water every political elite tries hard to avoid. He is never burg by the size of a bribe or threat. Fearless, daunting, incorruptible, and intelligently unraveling even the seeming tight knots. Among his colleagues, he is nicknamed the deathstalker- probably a fledge comparison between the venomous middle eastern scorpion which hurts close to death; he does his job without favor and recourse.

Recently he and his team had been working on illegal dealing in oil products that culminated in a sum of #20billion. The case panned out to be a very hard shell to crack as it involved some canny and wit politicians who had to make sure they meticulously covered their steps and left no footprints for the match. However, crime is forensic; every contact leaves a trace. From the evidence he had gathered so far- everything seemed to be pointing an itching finger at a ditch he couldn't fathom.

He knows Hon. Usman has just finished his second term in office as a house of Representatives member. He had known him to be an honest and conscientious man - whose political ideology is built on integrity. It was him who imbued in Tony the intrepidity and resilience to stand for what is right in the face of the storm, for what is just as it always whirls in equal measure. He knows he has many properties that couldn't have welled from his political allotment alone - he is, however, quick to dismiss such thought as Hon. Usman wasn't just a politician but also a business mogul who thrived in the oil industry.

He is one of the most cerebral Nigerian politicians for integrity- he has clutched many awards for that stance. The one he most cherishes is "the people's man." The award he won after he voluntarily stepped away from politics to give way to the younger generation. After completion of his investigation, it was unraveled that six prominent figures have engaged in the deal of nonexistent refined premium motor spirit costing over #20billion, which Hon. Usman wasn't just a part but a principal partner.

Most of the documents are forged in his name. He still couldn't believe it as facts unfolded supervenient. He had confronted Hon. Usman with the findings and document, but he was only paranoid, stiff, and when he managed to find his voice blame the devil, shuddered as his voice quivered. He fell on his knee and begged Tony to help him from this ruin. Tony couldn't watch him cry. He can't stand the strain of his tears. He traipses out like a beaten dog, wretch, and wane.

Tony knows he has at his disposal the key to committing them to prison. Aside from confiscation of their properties, he knows they will spend not less than 15years in jail. Hon. Usman has been managing heart disease, and he knows he will not even survive 5years in jail. He couldn't find sleep through the night as he kept reminiscing and pondering on the beastly mirage. Greater than a puzzle he had to solve. A man who picked him up when he was abandoned in the trench. The man who gave him life when he had none.

He would have probably lived his life as a village carpenter if Hon. Usman had not come into the picture. If there is any man he owed his existence to, it is hon Usman; the houses, properties, luxurious life, beautiful wife, and awesome kids... He gave him this life. It is within his means to quash the hard evidence, but how about justice? He has sworn to live to the cause of justice. No one is above the law; he has always lived to ensure that. But is a betrayal not injustice? Isn't a man, after all, a sentimental animal? How does Tony bite the finger that feeds him fat? What would you do if you were Tony?


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