It About That Time Of The Year Again!!!

A well-detailed ideology surrounding the response of Nigerians to the Election.

My heartfelt Letter to my fellow Nigerians.

This post is worth your time!!!


AUTHORITY is a relation between power and privilege GIVEN to the persons in power IN RETURN for SERVICES such as TRUST and so on. Authority is given; you cannot be self-authorized. But over time, we have learned to give out authority to people habitually, and almost unconsciousness either by a non-active act of voting or through consent that we have learned to accept because we thought they weren’t alternatives.


These are Values (Integrity, morals, etc.) and Competence. Being a person of Integrity which we often think of as the HERO/SAVIOR that we need, isn’t enough. You dare not give permission/authority to a QUACK (lack of competence) doctor to operate on you just because he is a GOOD MAN with VALUES. In the same light, a COMPETENT doctor with zero human sympathies and that lacks MORAL will not be AUTHORIZED. It's high time we start answering these questions: Who can we trust? Who can we call a trustworthy leader? Etc.


Many of us often seek magic in a critical time (election time), forgetting that it will take more than a tenure to reform Nigeria. The truth is that CHANGE may not even be detectable and quick as expected if it were even to begin NOW.

Our exaggerated needs and desperations for a CHANGE often create room for charlatans to FAKE PROMISES during the election. Freedom is now sold for a #1000 in return for another four years of lamentation and hardship. No, be juju be that?


Citizens are being regulated by hunger. Imagine, accolades were given to an individual for paying 50% of the ideal salary of his state workers for the first time, uhm, because 30% had been the new normal for them, and when He raised their RIGHT/ENTITLED PAY by 20%, he was being congratulated for doing what on a norm should be termed UNPAID System. The minimum wage is so low to the actual bearable amount that it should guarantee survival in such a country as ours. No wonder we are starved in such a way that a #1000 can then be a whole lot.

The above reasons and views had now pushed Us to these extremes: MALADAPTIVE DEPENDENCE and COUNTER DEPENDENCE.

MALADAPTIVE DEPENDENCE: This is putting too much trust in an authority’s ability to solve a challenge for Us. We tend to trust and hope that the one that will eventually emerge and enter the power corridor MAY ease our problem.

COUNTER-DEPENDENCE: This is often a result of REPEATED experiences of DISAPPOINTED DEPENDENCE. Betrayal is one of the most painful experiences of mankind. This makes us REACTIVE rather than RESPONSIVE. So, we only complain about Leadership and the rest as our way of reacting to our circumstances, rather than responding consciously.


The End SAR was a demonstration that showed that political/Mass action can give STRENGHT to the VOICE of the masses. That call for CHANGE was expressed. People love change when they know it is good; people aren’t stupid, but the LOSSES that accompany change are what people HATE. Some Leaders are fully aware of THINGS, PRIVILEGES, RIGHTS, ENTITLEMENTS, and so on that are at stake if the change is to be welcomed, so in order to continue in their advantaged positions that are self-benefitting, CHANGE will then be negated.

Let RE-NEGOTIATE the people to GIVE AUTHORITY TO this time around; let's be ready for the determinations that accompany CHANGE.

We need each other for Nigeria to STRIVE. WE NEED LEADERS WHO ARE READY, TRUSTWORTHY, and COMPETENT to SERVICE the nation in return for their AUTHORIZATION. So, Nigerians, when it’s time to be authorized in any formal or informal way, weigh your ALTERNATIVES well, as I have highlighted earlier, don’t be forced to think that there aren’t alternatives.

P.S: the above writeup is NOT abusive, and NOT to attack any Individual.

#Setman #jonalisthangout #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria #HungerMentality #DontSellYourVote #MaladaptiveDependance #CounterDependance #IComeInPeace #Nigeria

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