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It Should Stop.

Shouting at students, treating them as less human and not attending to them as due should be stopped in our public higher institutions.

We are human and should be treated like one...just because we are still students didn't mean we won't make it sooner. I was just thinking about it one day, and two experiences I had then in school came flying to my mind. Yes?! The departmental Secretary shouted. Ma! Good afternoon. Who are you here to see? She asked. Wait, can't a student come to her department again! I thought before she raised her voice again! Why are you here, student? Ma, to see the HOD! (Head of the department) For what? The Secretary asked. To collect the form, we were asked to fill it out against service Ma!

Oh! Are you in 400L? Yes ma'am. I said, smiling, hoping she would attend nicely to me now. So, the HOD is not on the seat now; maybe you will come back later. She replied. Ma, the HOD said we could get the form from you anytime he is not around. See! I am busy currently; come back tomorrow. Ha! Haba! What will it take this woman to just give me the form? At least I am the one that will fill it, not her! Please Ma! Where I come from to the school is a bit far...I might not be able to come back later or tomorrow since I don't have class tomorrow. There is nothing I can do about it. Please leave my office. I left the Secretary's office feeling less human and incapable of going out to the world after school to get what truly belongs to me.

After that, I had another experience with the resource person working at the MIS(Management and information services). I think she should be one of the lower staff, but she behaved very rudely and treated me like less human, I wanted to get mad at her, but when I saw her treating others like that, I just concluded that is who she is. What we went there for was to get our student ID(Identification) card for filling and submission, but to my amazement, this woman who was supposed to attend to us nicely shouted at us as if we came to steal.

I don't like the way some public higher institution staff attends to students. I think this should stop; students should be respected as much as we(students) respect all the staff (teaching and non-teaching). Then, lets the change begin with you...please, treat everyone you come across as human, and be compassionate...we never can tell who will be of help to us later. Have you experienced such before? If yes, share your experience in the comments section.

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