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It Sucks Being Single

COMING OUT SOON...The Party started on a Friday morning. Lanre woke up feeling really lazy and clumsy.

He had a great moment with his colleagues and boss the previous night. He was awarded the most hardworking staff for the year, and later, they took him to a bar to celebrate him. The celebration became huge when he announced his birthday was the next day.

Manager: oh wow…. This is divine. Party after Party!

Lanre: (smiles) sir, there is nothing divine about this, trust me. It's going to be like usual.

Manager: not on my watch. Tomorrow is a public holiday, and it's your birthday. It's going to be a party all day and a party all night.

He only chuckled and smiled. Birthday has always been a nightmare for Lanre. Each time he sees others dancing and playing with their partners, he feels like an outcast. And every time he was invited to a birthday party, he would always give excuses not to be there. He forced himself out of bed that morning, went to the kitchen, and grabbed a cup of coffee as he walked around the house aimlessly, with his pajamas still on. He had even forgotten that day was his birthday and didn't bother keeping the house clean; his socks and clothes were scattered on the couch, he had unwashed dishes in the kitchen, and he hadn't even disposed of his rubbish.

He sat on the dining table, still sipping his hot coffee, when he heard a knock on his door.

Lanre: (grumbles silently) oh, I don't want any disturbance today. He went to open the door after delaying for some time. It was his friend, Johnson.

Lanre: Who's there? "If you don't open this door now, I promise I will push it down, fawu."

Lanre: Johnson? Is that you?

Johnson: Yeah. Common open up.

He opened the door, and they both exchanged pleasantries.

Johnson: Guy, like, what the heck is wrong with you? I've been calling, but you weren't answering your calls.

Lanre: You called? I didn't hear my phone ring; I'm sorry.

Johnson: Damn! Your house is really messed up, menh.

Lanre: I'm not complaining. Besides, I have no one to impress.

Johnson: Well, say that to your birthday guests that are on their way. Hearing that, he almost spilled his coffee on Johnson.

Lanre: What? Birth...what?

Johnson: Holy crab…. You forgot today is your birthday? Immediately, there was another knock. He went to the door and looked through the hole to know who was knocking. He was shocked to find out his boss and colleagues were already at his door.

Lanre: (Screamed) Jesus! My boss is here.

Johnson: This party goes stew o. You still remember our classmates in secondary school; there are on their way too.

Lanre: (Tensed) ehh, No-no. This is not happening right now. I didn't plan for any of these. The knock continued.

Lanre: Guy, please help me tidy up the sitting room; let me quickly fix the mess in the kitchen.

Johnson was Lanre's closest friend. They graduated from the same school, but he studied Computer science. They had known each other since they were little and were like brothers. Johnson helped him out in quickly fixing the sitting room before he went to open the door for his boss. 

Johnson: (Opens the door and smiles) Good morning.

Manager: Good morning. Is Lanre home?

Johnson: Yes, please come in.

He ushered them inside and offered them seats. 

Johnson: hmm, you are all welcome. I will go grab him out quickly. He had a bad stomach this morning; I'm sure he's in the toilet right now.

Manager: Alright, let him know his colleagues are here.

Johnson left them and went to meet Lanre in the kitchen. He was still trying to wash all the dishes he had been using for more than a week. 

Johnson: They are waiting for you

Lanre: eh. I can't go out there like this. Please help me keep them company. 

Johnson: ah. Do I look like an entertainer? Just come and say Hi to them.

After much persuasion, he left the dishes for Johnson to handle and went to welcome his boss and colleagues. He was surprised to see them not seated. They already know he won't do anything about his day, so they came prepared. He saw them arranging his house and putting things in the right places. They also came with some materials to decorate his sitting room for his party. 

Lanre: (Stares in disbelief) Mr. Femi, what are you doing, sir?

Mr. Femi: I told you, today is going to be party after party.

Lanre: (stammers) b...but sir, you can't…be doing these for me. I feel like crying right now.

Mr. Femi: Cry, Nah…. Miss Sonita came with tissue; we can give you as much as you want.

Lanre: Thank you so much, everyone. I feel so important right now.

He almost let his tears out. His colleague was already smiling at how cute his face was as he tried to hold back his tears. Soon, everywhere was clean and good to go. Johnson also finished with the dishes and came to join them in the sitting room.

Lanre: Once again, I want to say a big thank you to everyone; Mr. Femi, God bless you, sir. Johnson, I owe you one and to the entire staff of Continental Icon Bank; thank you so much.

Johnson: Don't mention, bro. I don't know about others, but I got your back, anytime and any day.

Lanre: Thank you, but the problem now is, I didn't make arrangements for anything; cake, drinks, food….nothing.

Johnson: (exclaims) what? I invited so many people to this party, and you don't have anything for them?

Mr. Femi: Lanre, you worry too much. I have already made arrangements for all of that.

Lanre couldn't hold himself anymore. He engaged his boss in a hug for some seconds to express how grateful he was to him. Minutes later, food and drinks were delivered to his door. One of his colleagues had also made arrangements for his cake. Soon, everywhere was set, and the party was good to go. People began to arrive at his place; his old friends, coursemates, school friends, and other invited guest. The DJ was already doing his job, keeping everywhere vibrating, and everyone was vibing to the beats.

Lanre spotted a beautiful damsel sitting all by herself on the dining table, sipping her cocktail while others were dancing to the music. So he decided to go talk to her. 

Lanre: (smiles) Hey dear.

Lady: Hi.

Lanre: I hope I'm not intruding right now? I figured you're alone just like me, and I thought it would be best if we keep ourselves company. What do you think?

The lady seemed a little bit disturbed and uneasy when he was talking to her.

Lady: I think I would love to be left alone.

Lanre: Is everything okay? Oops, where are my manners? My name is Lanre, and you are?

"Josephine." She managed to respond back. "Nice name you got there. So Josephine, are you here with someone?" he asked, sipping his own beer. "Can I ask you for a favor?" she asked as she dropped her glass and adjusted her chair closer to the table. "Yeah, sure. What is it?"

"Can you help me with fifty thousand nairas? It's kinda urgent, please." She said, placing her hand on his. Lanre's facial expression showed he was really shocked at her favor. "Abort!! Return to base immediately. Mission dangerous." A voice spoke to him over his air pod. Johnson was the one behind his move.

Everything Lanre said to her was all Johnson's line. "hmm, to be honest, I didn't see that coming." Lanre said to her as he readjusted his air pod. "I'm sorry, I know it may look somehow, but truly I'm in need of that money. I only came here to escape depression." She said, keeping a puppy face. "But if you won't help, I understand. I promise not to judge you." She added. "No-no, it is fine. I want to help." When Johnson heard that, he came out from his hideout to go confront Lanre.

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