It Was My First Time

I had no idea how to do it... I knew I was ready this time. That last time was so intense. I kept shaking and sweating. I was afraid that I might do it wrongly and that I would be laughed at. But this time, I made sure I was ready.

She seemed ready too. She wasn't shaking like she did the last time. So I thought it might be easy for me. I removed my shirt and threw it aside. I bent down ever so slowly and grabbed her by her legs. She said nothing. I was pleased.

Quickly, I brought her legs under my knees and held her neck in my hand. I picked up the sharp knife and slit her throat with it. She jerked wildly, but I was stronger. I cut in more deeply, and she soon stopped shaking...

Then I heard the sound of applause behind me. I looked back and saw my mum and sister smiling with pride and pleasure.

At last, I would no longer be made a laughing stock. I had finally killed a turkey.

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