It Was Strange Teaching Doctors (phd) And Professors.

I received this message last three days via WhatsApp, "Good morning Yasir. How have you been? Masha Allah. I have this group of lecturers from different Universities across Nigeria whom I want you to teach us about Affiliate Marketing and other digital businesses that you do. Is this something you can do?" sent by one of my lecturers at the University.

I checked the name well to confirm and realized if it was true. I replied OK and agreed to do the work in two days more. I prepared my presentation slides and submitted them to my good friend for review. My friend, who's also an Affiliate Marketer, reviewed the slides and gave me corrections to do, which I finished in the next hour.

Yesterday night, by 8:00 pm, I was already alerting them that it was time. I introduced myself, my specific topic to present, and the purpose of my presence. 70% of the members warmly welcomed me. "We've been struggling to get digital coaches. Find and fail! Thank God we finally found you." said one of the members; I guess he's a professor. Lol!

By 8:00 pm prompt, I started teaching Doctors and Professors, which was strange seriously. I treated them Affiliate Marketing from A to Z and why considering Affiliate Marketing could be a good decision. I gave them values and digested everything they'd need to know about the business. I answered some good questions from them. 

Some are:

1. How can I join?

2. Would this business fit/suit me?

3. Where to sell products?

4. How to sell?

5. Does Affiliate Marketing requires an investment?

6. I don't know anything. Can you put me through it?

7. Can I earn like the way you do, Yasir?

These and so many other questions, I gave their answers to the team lecturers. They thanked me and still thanked me. This's not a legacy but to tell you how things changed from February 2022 to September 2022, which still counts! As academics or alike, it's not a lecturing job that can only work for you.

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