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Starved student forges on in Uni...GRRRRH! The grumbling of Joanne's belly rang like a siren. Face scrunched, she rolled out of bed. She jerked her kitchen cupboards open, expecting to scrounge for a last cup of garri. The plastic container was void, with white flakes sparsely dotting its bottom.

Damn! She had soaked it the night before. Her stomach groaned. Joanne crumpled to the floor in tears. She remembered His words..."Constantly trust in me; because I am at your right hand,

you will not be upended.Β So your heart rejoices, and you are happy;Β your life is safe."Β ...and it made all the difference. Crying would solve nothing. Joanne would offer herself no pity. She was as resilient as iroko. Nothing would hold her down, not even hunger.She rose.

With the minuscule chunk of the soap she had left, she bathed. Joanne went for her lectures. She tumbled down the hallways with her sun-bright smile, complimenting everyone, her pain well hidden under a pretty blue gown. The stinging pain in her stomach numbed her ears to the lecturer's voice, but she kept her eyes glued to the portly man's gesticulations. She had applied for every scholarship she got her hands on out of hope that one would hit the jackpot. After every disappointment, the words would ring again.Β will not be upended...Β Her heart stilled. With a widowed mother of seven left to support Joanne, she didn't want to bother her mother with her needs. And she loathed pity from her friends. She would endure. The words rang...

...I am at your right hand...Β 

Dark storm clouds had gathered over her head. It seemed they would linger. It was either her mom who fell sick, or there was another expensive textbook she needed to purchase. Life always found creative ways to make her suffer. But this, this was her lowest point.Β ...your life is safe...Β Yet, she held on. Joanne always smiled, helping anyone she could with a beaming smile, even in her hardship.

After the lengthy day, her stomach livid, she crashed into her bed. She stared at her ceiling, sobbing till she slept off.Β Tu-lup!Β A message beeped on her phone. She checked it out. It was a mail from one of the grants she applied for. She had won 1,000 dollars. She brimmed with joy, leaping like an antelope.Β ...give it away...Β Joanne shook her head.Β ...give it away...Β She struggled within herself. ...constantly trust in me...Β She gave it away.

Around 10 pm in the night, Joanne heard a knock. Jerry, her neighbor, had ordered her extravagant pack of jollof and chicken, insisting he just felt like it. Despite herself, Joanne smoldered him in a hug. Jerry was wide-eyed. After he left, she devoured the pack like a ravenous lion tearing through a deer. The next morning, she won another scholarship. It gave her an all-expense paid trip to Canada, health insurance, and free access to every resource in the college. Joanne squealed!Β ...Your heart rejoices...Β ...and it made all the difference.Β 

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