Try being human for once..."Hi," that's all I got every time I came out of the house...

Jeffrey never said more than to me, making me feel ugly " Do I look bad" I said to myself for the umpteenth time since he moved to my area last year. My name is Jessie. I am a very beautiful girl, that's what boys tell me when they see me, but for him I am just a neighbor, thinking about him makes me angry....... I walked down the streets and got so much attention, but it did not matter to me since the guy I wanted to avoid me like a pest.

"Hi" Yeah, you guessed right, it's him again walking past me. "Uhm, hi," I told him, and he paused and turned to stare at me like it was the first time he saw me; then he turned and walked away; what just happened?

Every day to me is just the same. I live with my parents, whom I hardly see, and just walk around the street like I don't have a home, but at least I am beautiful; I lack friends because nobody wants to talk to me; oh well, the girls are just jealous of me so I don't care but Jeffrey ahhh😭😭😭 why is he like this😔😔.

I sighted him from my window and immediately stepped out. "Hi, how is your day going" he looked like he saw a ghost and turned to stare at me like I was a ghost, then he smiled; oh my God! Kill me! he has a dimples ahhhhhhhh. "Jessie, I am surprised you talked to me; you know everybody here in the estate thinks you are a rude spoilt brat" Wait, what? " Pause, what? I don't even talk to anyone here; why will they spoil my name" "Well, try and say hi for a change; my name is Jeffery; by the way, it's nice to finally meet you as a person and a doll that dresses up all day for attention" wait what is going on...Why 😦 what just happened? I dress like a doll, but...

"Hi" I took his advice and said hi to everyone I saw today, and the shock on their faces was surprising; some waved at me and complimented me; wow, I played with a few children on the streets and for the first time in my life I felt a little bit accepted by people, and I did not even have to try. They were people who still ignored me, but it did not matter to me anymore. I kept on like this becoming close to a lot of people and having a social life, but Jeffrey was nowhere to be seen; it was like he had vanished. Once I asked about him, my friends, yes, you heard me right, I have friends, but they don't know who Jeffrey is. Wow, was he a ghost or a fairy godfather ahhhh I am a princess if he is indeed one.

I finally found Jeffrey; he is a happily married man to his pregnant wife and young couple and living on the outskirts of the city; when he saw me, he just smiled and waved and then turned around to do his business; I would never forget him, but one thing that stills baffles me is why he would help me after knowing me for a year.


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