Joy - The Ballad Of Pain

A taste of my shoes...With the many rejections I've embraced, I still find myself intrigued by how I keep chasing after love into darkness. This faith, however, is still perplexing to me - I guess it just shows how much I'll be willing to hold onto it when I finally find it.

By how much sacrifice I've laid out, I should be one of the angriest and 'sore-dry love-stricken fellas out there wishing to wreak havoc on the next chance they receive. But for me, I have this notion that keeps me in check: what if the next person I plan to unleash my soreness on becomes the one chosen for me? All aims then will be defeated.

I will get sad... I may even stay away and not interact nor interfere with nature's beautiful cycle of pain. It doesn't mean bitterness, but the truth is that trust, once lost, is nearly impossible to regain. To put it in a larger perspective - Trust relates to hearts, feelings, and relationships.

Think I'm fake all you want, but if I were in your shoes, I'd be heaven-high joyous to have me. And the truth is, I pray for me to find me someday. If she were you, joy would run me crazy. 🥹 😍

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