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Judi Series 1. The Truth About Tuesday. (episode 1: Night Shadows)

Sometimes, the truth is better left untold. When Judi altered this law and went on to seek a dark hidden secret. What she found instead was her life in a turmoil of danger and now she must be brave and stand against those who will go to any length to have her mouth shut... even kill her. Will she be able to defeat all odds and expose such a daunting secret or will she be alive long enough to tell the tale? An eye-opener to suspense crafted by a contemporary Nigerian writer.

The stars blared that night. It kept on the shining right in the eyes of Judi. Dark crystal eyes with the most beautiful glance to see the sun. Judi was just the prettiest girl anyone had ever seen. She is in her early twenties but more petite than most of her peers. What really drove people nuts about her was her ability to talk very fast. She could literally say more than a gazillion words in counting minutes. But, boy! Was she the most beautiful girl ever?

Judi gazed into her wristwatch once more. As strong as she could, she pulled herself to count the remaining minutes. What exactly did she want to do? Standing in one of the alleys of Lagos. How could someone be so fragile and yet so brave? All she knew was that she just had to get this off her chest, even if she had to stand here forever with the dark clouds. Not that she wasn't scared of the dark, but she was more afraid of what came with the morning. She had grown up believing that life was all made up of dreams and aspirations which she was supposed to fulfill. She was one of the best in her class back in her days at college and always stood up for liberation and truth. Oh, Gosh! The same truth had been the reason she was in this bad situation now.

She was lost in such thoughts, still scared of the creaking night, when a shadow moved towards her. As the shadow edged closer to her, the ominous tone playing in the air increased, and the pace of someone breathing aloud was all she could hear. It took some time for Judi to notice the shadow staring at her... lurking around the deserted area with her. She felt like putting up a run against this unknown enemy. Was it someone sent to clip her? Have they finally gotten to know what she does? What could put the whole country in collateral danger when revealed. "Hello," she called out. "Is someone there?" she tried to cover up the fear encrypted in her voice. She noticed late that it had been a mistake to have asked that stupid question. It was obvious someone was there, and whoever the unknown identity belonged to was staring at her. She just knew that the stranger hiding behind the night clouds was a masculine being. She just knew things like that. She clearly had a sixth sense of danger and all that came with it.

The shadow kept coming closer to Judi until she could feel him breathing heavily into the air. In this type of situation, it was better to run, but she found herself glued to the spot and eyes fixated on the direction from which the shadow kept on growing like a tree that reminded her of the boogeyman whose task was to clip souls and send them to hell. "Hi Judi," a voice and shadow emerged from the other side of the alley. "Makinde," she replied, still staring at the shadow that became visible. "What in God's name are you doing here?" Makinde's voice became higher. "We need to talk," she tried to calm his anger. "It's not safe for you, Judi. Not safe for me too." He pulled closer to her. "You don't think I know that?" she flared. "You don't think I am tired of being followed by the cops every day," a pause "I'm tired, Makinde." "This will soon pass, Judi," he held her hands softly. "All we need to do is keep quiet and lie low for all this to pass," a pause. "We will be okay." he swallowed his words...a part of Judi knew she didn't believe those words at all.

The truth is they weren't safe. Since they found out the truth, they have never been safe. A truth that haunted their lives forever. The truth that pulled Makinde away from his job and hid in the most remote places of Ajegunle in Lagos. The truth that they couldn't trust to tell anyone yet. Everyone was damn involved in the holocaust, and just two people in the world were looking at a stream of different unidentified enemies who would have their heads for what they knew.

"But I can't keep calm, Maki," Judi could feel her eyes streaming with liquids. "We pledged to always tell the truth and that nothing would stop that. We owe that to the people we serve and to ourselves." "You would rather see me dead!" he screamed, his voice shouting out his madness and fear that froze Judi's veins. "We can't come clean with what we know," a pause. "Not yet, or we are going to die." "I know, Maki, but are we really safe?" she retorted. "Every day, I know that I am being followed. I know that a ransom is on my head, and you think I am okay with it," a pause. "Maki, we are not safe. We have never been safe since Tuesday, and you know it" another pause, "Here, you are hiding after someone broke into your house, and you're still not safe, Maki." "Look at me, Judi," he pulled her shoulder. "No one can know what we know. No one. Promise me, Judi. I don't want to die. Not yet," he pleaded resiliently; the only sound his voice made was fear as he looked into the crystal dark eyes of Judi.

She breathed a sigh of relief. Yeah, she was damn scared. She wasn't safe anymore but what she saw in Maki's eyes was more than fear. He had seen death come for him. Not only had his house been broken into, but another detail left by Judi was that he had been shot. Shot aiming for his skull but hitting someone else who had been his lucky shield. Nothing was more terrifying than seeing another drop and knowing that the shot had been meant to get you. And that was the result of trusting. "Okay, Maki." She breathed, "No one is going to know." Right inside, Judi knew that this was no damn good idea. Time was running out, and they were already on the losing side.

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