Casmire Emeribe 1 year ago
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Jungle Justice

Enough kills my heart with fear; The stony face of people; Carrying sticks, machetes, and stones;

Enough kills my heart with fear
The stony face of people
Carrying sticks, machetes, and stones
Pointing toward mankind to destroy
Mankind made in the image of thyself
I know it pleases nobody to hear of the theft
Nothing makes a man as adventurous as an empty pocket
Abruptly making mankind answer a call of providence
Be mindful not to be so poor in mind
That you take evil for a living
There and then, the life of a gentleman on a highway
Worth what was stolen
What a shameful return to dust!
That is the man taking his penance without a confessor
Tales of your sob stories, nobody heeds your plea
That today is your first
This monkey's wedding is your doom
Wriggled in pain as the beating grow
And envelope in a tires
Burning up with gasoline
Till man expires
In boom towns, people with mixed abilities
Is this the best condign?

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