Just Give Up

I'm sure you've worked on your character, I understand how you've gotten acquainted with the word and the things of God.

As regards your marriage, you may have embarked on a fast from several habits and adopted many positive ones. But have you heard of the accuser of the brethren? Have you read that he has so many points to prove that you don't need answers to your prayers?

Just like Joshua, the high priest, you may have appeared before God, and the devil laid accusations before you. He didn't just raise empty allegations; they were valid. Know this friend; you may not be able to resist the devil by weeping or speaking mere words or praying amiss. You need to use the weapon of the word and effective prayers. Praying in and by the HolyGhost. There are barriers that mere words and prayer cannot pull down. This message is for you if you have prayed so long over an issue. 

Why not consider changing the pattern of your prayer? Why not consider praying in the HolyGhost and by the word of God? Remember, you're not just praying against flesh and blood, but against principalities that have a knowledge of your past and also about what God has in mind over your life. No Christian walks through life successfully by being mediocre. Know this, the kingdom of God is not of words but power. This is not meant to mock your spiritual state, No. 

There are depths in God. You may have tarried so much on that mountain. God is saying to you, come up hither. Press more. Like He said to the Israelites while in the desert, Move forward.

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