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Just Like Pieces, Peace Flows

Just like pieces, peace flows: This article simply talked about the peace of God, and how it flows.

The piece of peace that has transpired and been transfixed in us, among the saints, is justified by what the Son of God did while being here. The Lord's peace came to show the difference from what we already knew as "temporary peace." 

What have we gotten in exchange for the secular peace that could not guarantee the benefits of the Lord's peace? It is like a storm that seems out of control, except a supernatural being steps in to intervene.

The piece of peace that is justified by what the son of God did permanently disabled this unsteady peace that we are likely to have mingled with. Through powerful written words (scriptures), peace from above is given to those who are in need of it. The nature of God gives peace and comfort as the piece of peace that acknowledges what has transpired and been transfixed on us.

Just like in pieces, peace flows!

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