Karma Is Certain

I stood beside the road with beads of sweat cascading down my body. I am heavily pregnant and yet, still Hawks sachet water for the upkeep of my family.

Life as a single parent isn't an easy task; I must say, for me, it is worst than I have to question God why he put me in this kind of situation. My husband, Mr. Emenike, is a chronic womanizer who abandoned his children for his new mistress and me. During our early marriage days, I always caught him having an extramarital affair, even to the extent of bringing different women to our matrimonial home, but foolish I often Forgive him anytime he pleaded for forgiveness, and that had continued until he finally decided to abscond with his new mistress when he discovered I am pregnant with the sixth child. 

Since he left, the burden of the family has been on my head, I run to my few friends and relatives for help, but they always turn me down, saying; We are sorry, we have no money. This word is like a ringing tone anytime I run to someone for help, and thus I engaged in selling sachet water to cater to myself and my family. Trying to cross to the other end of the road isn't always easy, especially during the day, so I stood still, waiting patiently for the road to be free before I finally crossed over to the other end to advertise my wares, so as to get home early in order to prepare something for the kids to eat.

Suddenly, I felt a force, someone pushed me from behind into the midst of running cars, and I heard a loud cry from the people around; my eyes closed instantly, and everywhere became dark and blank. My eyes opened seconds after but not to this world; at the other end, I saw myself lying on the floor with my hands widely spread, one facing the east and the other west. The whispering from those gathered around my corpse made me move closer to listen to their conversation as swift as a falcon; I heard them discussing my death; they say I was pushed into the road by a thief who was being chased by the Angry youths, though he was caught, I was crushed by the moving cars.

I moved an inch away from them to the suya joint, where a group of youths surrounded the thief who was seated on the floor with his clothes dripping wet and covered in blood; lo and behold; he was my long lost husband who left me behind and ran away with his new mistress. How come he is now a thief? I questioned my lifeless soul. An ambulance drove in, and I was wheeled into the ambulance on a stretcher and covered with white linen cloths. From the nurse, I lost the baby also, and my husband was burnt to death for his deeds. I vanished into thin air, ready to face judgment, for I had planned everything. I can't suffer alone, he must share in my suffering, but I never knew I would fall prey to my own trap.

Alas! The law of Karma is certain. 

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