King Of Our Time

I bow to the king of our time; The creator of heaven and Earth; He created humans in his own image; He's never born or raised like human being;

I bow to the king of our time,
The creator of heaven and Earth,
He created humans in his own image,
He's never born or raised like human being,
Who's this mysterious deity.

Angels in his magnificent kingdom; sounding melodiously with their sweet voices lingering hymns,
Blowing soothing trumpet that feeds his soul; wearing white robes like snows,
Angels are holy; they are the messenger of the eternity king,
Drums and harps dwell in his presence sounding holy, holy, holy in his magnificent kingdom.

Live long king of our time,
Heaven singing holy, holy, holy,
Sixteen elders wandering around the universe wearing white robes,
You are worldly to be praised king,
King of our time; who knows everything;
The owner of everyone soul,
A king that can kills and resurrects,
The king that moves in the midst of man,
Father of all fathers,
You are greater than the greatest,
The king of all king's on Earth ,
Father of the universe.

King with powerful tongue what can ruined a whole nation,
King that can't be dethroned,
I bow to the king of our time,
Gold's and sliver belongs to you,
King with gigantic words and wisdom,
I love the way you rule your kingdom,
King of peace,
Your kingdom is widely opened to everyone,
I will forever bow and adore you ' Till ' Eternity.
King of our time.

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