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Lasting Effects

Have you ever wondered how the Korean industry came to limelight?

Koreans were trivial at first, or they seemed to be out-shadowed by their fellow Asian counterparts. They weren't really that well known throughout history until maybe 2009. I wouldn't know. I just started watching their movies and listening to their songs. Some were really good like Yongyong or Ash Island or maybe Psy, Blackpink, BTS and Blackswan. I love their songs, and as I said, they seem to pop out of nowhere. And now, they are everywhere. Everyone wants to be like them, look like them and visit their country.

I watched their movie in 2017, and my first Korean movie was City hunter, played by the famous Lee Min Hoo; before I watched his famous movie, Boys over flowers and the others like Faith, the legend of the blue sea, and his recent one, the king: eternal monarch. My home country films seemed stupid and flimsy whenever I watched movies like All of us are dead or squid game, and I would wonder how Koreans really did come into the limelight. So, I researched online.

A website is known as "Hey Explorer" had an article on 30 things South Korean are known and famous for. It was written by Joy Sallegue. She wrote about K-pop, K-drama, Gangnam style, Korean fried chicken, Korean barbecue, automobile manufacturer Hyundai, tech giant Samsung, skincare routines, and all whatnot. I was surprised by this. All I knew before this was K-pop and K-dramas. I went through website after website that wrote about what South Korea is famous for or what can only be found in South Korea.

Korea is an east Asian ethnic group native to Korea and South Manchuria. Manchuria is located in the region of Northeastern China. Based on a website called NK News, historically speaking, the first Korean states originated from Manchuria. It was an area that previously held the mighty Koguryo kingdom in the first centuries of the Christian era, and for a long time, Koreans often associated that area as one of the progenitors of their nationhood. There are two Korean countries: North Korea and South Korea. There was a huge conflict that divided them into two, but I won't dive there.

According to Wikipedia, the Korean wave (also called Hallyu), which is the increased popularity of South Korean culture, has increased since the 21st century; and this is partly driven by the government supporting its creative industries since the end of the 1990s with the goal of becoming a leading global exporter of culture. Due to the development of Social Networking Services (SNS) and online video-sharing platforms, Hallyu became a success. The K entertainment made a sizable overseas audience with their K-drama that has subtitles in multiple languages, fashion, styles, and culture usually displayed in these K-dramas, et cetera.

Going through the websites, I was able to pick up reasons why South Korea was very popular. Their stars, that's the idols, actors, et cetera, always have this out-of-the-world beauty, which is probably why their skincare products and fashion styles are usually sold out very easily. Their music videos are interesting to watch usually because of the choreography associated with them. It gives people the vibe that makes them want to try them out, maybe to see how it would feel or just to imitate the artist.

Their K-drama and sometimes, their music videos portray their culture, for example, their language, with confidence probably because they are within a familiar environment; but for people outside of South Korea, their way of life seems very appetizing that they would rather act like them than what they probably see in their environment almost all the time. Their music videos are beautiful and colorful, and their drama can be addictive. 

Surprise, this is exactly the goal the government set from the beginning, and here we are, giving him the results he wants. Mr. President Moon Jae-in will be pleased with everyone interested in whatever South Korea has to offer. And funny enough, no one cares. Not even me, who seem to wonder why I still love Korean products.

After writing, I took myself downstairs to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I connected my phone to the Bluetooth on the dining table and thought to myself, should I listen to Blackpink, wonder girls, or little mix. With Jesy Nelson gone, the little mix lost a bit of the vibe I was used to. I missed her bold, sultry but alto voice in sweet love, and so, I picked pretty savagely by Blackpink. 

My sister watched as I danced to pretty savage imitating their dance moves, especially Lisa'sLisa's part, and she laughed. I had a thought that K-pop was just music, and K-drama is a category in the movie industry. It didn't matter what I liked; as long as l love it, I will keep vibing to it.

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