Lean Back

Lean back: At times like this it's good to just lean back and rest on the word of God...

Ever felt like giving up? Ever felt like not going on? Have you ever felt like ending it all? Have you ever been at a point where you can neither go back nor go forward? And you can't afford to remain where you are. Have you ever felt drowned by life's troubles? Do you ever feel like it's not working? In fact, nothing is working? Does it look like everyone around you is making it and succeeding, but it looks like you are cursed?  

Others did it that way; they made it, but it got to your turn, and that's when it crashed. People have been doing it, and it worked for them, but when you tried, that's when it became a scam. Why are those moments and times in our lives the most significant? Why do you easily remember these times in life but find it difficult to remember a good moment? Why are these times on constant replay? Why do these times seem to have a firm grip on your memory and have put so much fear in you? Right now, you don't trust anybody; right now, you don't want to do anything because you already have a failed image in your head.

Your thoughts are, "I know it will not work, but let me try" the plan already failed in your head even before you did it, which means the result of whatever you are getting is a physical display of your mind. If in your mind, it failed already, then the image that will play out is a failure. Just like the movies we see, these are people's thoughts and imaginations brought to life.

So I say, lean back on the finished works of Christ and let your imaginations be guided by the promise of God. Let your steps be ordered by the words of God. Trust God enough to trust yourself.

©️So Gifted.  

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