Legend Of The Omnitrix I

This article is a short fan-fiction story that revolves around an old cartoon favorite...

Ben's eyes suddenly flew open. Although his blurry gaze was shrouded by the thick darkness in his room, he knew he didn't need lights to realize it was still very early in the morning. The breeze emanating from the spinning ceiling fan didn't do much to eliminate the heat the room produced. This wasn't surprising, given that the small accommodation housed eight boys. Nine, if Daniel's annoying friend was counted. Ben hissed quietly when he realized his T-shirt was soaked with sweat; he began to curse his decision to wear it in the first place.

After gathering the required mental strength for fifteen minutes, he finally pushed up from his mattress on the ground. He'd taken the decision not to die in the poorly ventilated room but to seek fresh oxygen elsewhere. Yes, he was going to take a walk at 2:03 am. Another fifteen minutes later, he was outdoors, cherishing the cool breeze with his eyes closed in silent gratitude. He'd found the most eerie yet ideal spot: the spectators' seat at the basketball court. Naturally, by this time, the arena was as dark as the black night sky, with enveloping silence that could rival that of a graveyard. It was simply one of the most unusual places to spot a student at such a time. But Ben had reasons for choosing this spot of solitude other than the cooling benefits it provided his body.

The second he opened his eyes, his peripheral vision caught the bright green hue coming from the device on his left wrist. He looked at it fully now, only noticing it for the first time since he woke up.

Gazing upon the device caused the memories from the day before to flood his mind. Even though they happened in real-time, he found it extremely hard to believe. He still thought it was all a very vivid dream. The robots, the shootings, the destruction, the fierce battle, the mention of a Watch…

A Powerful Watch…

Ben continued to gaze upon the device– the Watch–with awe. He knew it wasn't a lucid dream he'd conjured up. It was real and strapped tightly around his wrist. Funny enough, the most surreal thing wasn't the fact that he was attacked by robots with murderous intent. It was what the Watch could do that astonished him. Frightened him. But, for some reason, it also fascinated him. His heart raced as he stared at the green hourglass symbol on the dial. There was no latch or opening on the green and black strap that surrounded his wrist, so he saw no visible way of taking the Watch off. He was unsure if it was curiosity or a powerful influence from the device, but the desire to activate it was overwhelming. He suddenly wanted to see what more it could offer. Chuckling softly, he believed he now understood how Frodo felt in the presence of the Ring, even though the Watch offered much more than just invisibility.

Breathing heavily, he slowly reached towards the Watch, twisting the circular rim slightly to the right. A clicking sound was made, followed by the slight protrusion of two small metal pinheads on the opposite sides of the device. Then, a small, green holographic image appeared on the dial of the Watch, causing Ben to frown slightly. It looked like a different creature from the one he'd seen the previous day. The one he'd transformed into when the robots attacked. It made him wonder if the Watch gave him a range of options for transformations to pick from. A question for another day, he thought.

He looked at the picture again. Then, hesitantly, he tapped gently on the dial. Just like the day before, he barely felt his body go through any changes. In a blink of an eye, he just witnessed a blinding ray of green light enveloping him. And in the next second, he wasn't Ben anymore.

The first thing he noticed was how thin and slender his arms and fingers had become; and how they now had a bright red hue to them. Large skin webbings connected from both his wrists to his hips, forming some kind of bizarre pair of gliding wings. His feet—equally thin and red—had just two toes each and a protrusion from his heel forming the inverted third. Even without looking behind, he could feel the tail swinging uncontrollably. He had no idea what he looked like, but he knew it wasn't anything like how he was biologically supposed to be.

The sudden urge to leave the ground overcame him. Made him restless. He looked up; the clouds had partially concealed the full moon. The desire to go past the misty obstruction was strong, almost overwhelming. He had no idea what gave him the impression of flying, but somehow, he knew he could. And he wasted no time succumbing to his impulses. He zoomed off from the ground, taking into the skies with blinding speed. Within milliseconds, he'd burst through the cloudy canopy, coming face to face with a view of the moon most people would never have in their entire lifetime. Glancing downwards, he realized with both shock and horror how high he'd gone so quickly. The entire layout of UNIPORT was stretched out before him in the distance, yet he could clearly see the basketball court he'd taken off from.

Enhanced vision, he thought, along with supersonic flight. As he pondered on what other abilities he could possess in this form, he took a good long look at the moon. Things were never going to be the same again. He knew; he felt it. At the same time, however, he began to believe he had the power to cope with whatever changes the Watch would bring. Physically or otherwise. He also knew trouble wasn't far off either. But who said he wouldn't be ready? Wearing a grin, he took one last look at the moon—as if drawing strength and encouragement—then dived towards the ground. For the first time, he noticed how high-pitched his voice sounded as he shrieked with excitement.



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