Legend Of The Omnitrix Ii

"You're pretty early," Ben remarked with a frown. "Technically, you're right. It's only 2:35 am, after all." Tom grinning from ear to ear just made Ben fume all the more.

"The agreement was to meet here by two. You've successfully kept me guessing for thirty-five whole minutes." Tom waved his hand dismissively. "You sound like you've been waiting for a very long time. You obviously haven't been to the bookshop recently." Ben snickered. "Be like say you don forget to say we dey the same department." Tom had a way of being overly dramatic with facial expressions, and the one he wore at the moment was no different. "First off," he said, wagging a finger at Ben. "Never speak pidgin again. You're simply incapable, and you sound like a toad." Before Ben could respond, he continued:

"Secondly, why the hell are we meeting here on the volleyball court? No one ever comes here by this time." "That's the point, Tom." Ben turned around, striding slowly towards the raised net at the center of the court. "Where were you? Night class?" "Well, yeah," Tom responded, sounding confused. "I was trying to get that annoying graph assignment done. Have you begun yours yet?"

Ben shook his head in reply. "I've been rather occupied these days. But I'll get it done before the submission date. When is that again, by the way?" "It's tomorrow, guy. And that thing is hellishly tedious. Only God knows how you'll finish yours on time." Ben faced Tom, with his index finger slowly tracing the rim of the Omnitrix. Of course, that stupid homework wasn't going to be a problem; he could deal with it in minutes. There were more pressing issues at hand. And shivering Tom over there was the beginning of the alleviation of his burden. After all, a problem shared is one-half solved.n "So, did you call me all the way out here to freeze to death?" Sweet ol' Tom was starting to sound impatient. That wasn't good.

Ben took a deep breath and looked up. It was a full moon again. The sight of it made him feel at ease. A little, at least. "You remember the destruction at NSA about two weeks ago?" He began, still looking up. "You mean the rumors?" Tom asked with a raised eyebrow. "Surely you don't believe that. We all saw it with our own eyes. NSA is still standing right there if you want to go check it out now." Ben shook his head again. "Those weren't rumors, Tom. Those poor fine arts students were right. They did witness a carnage."

Tom looked more lost than ever. "Guy, I don't understand. What do you mean they were right? What evidence do they have? How do you even know?" Ben took another deep breath, debating if it was a good idea to tell Tom the truth. He looked at the Watch. Its green glow was dull as it was dormant, making its appearance less conspicuous. There was no way he could carry these secrets alone, he decided. And who better to drag into his new bittersweet reality than his best friend? "I was there, Tom. And I know what happened." Ten minutes later, Tom just stood there in silence. Ben couldn't discern if he was still in shock or if he thought the whole thing was complete bull. He wouldn't blame him if he did; if someone else had told Ben what he'd just spewed out to Tom, he would've laughed at their profound imaginative skills, then beat them into a pulp for wasting his time.

After two long, unbearable minutes, Tom finally spoke. "Show me," he said quietly. Ben looked at Tom blankly for a moment; then, he turned his gaze to the Watch. The green hourglass symbol stared back, still giving off its dull hue. Of course, part of the revelation would've been to show Tom what the Omnitrix was capable of. But he still felt nervous, slightly uneasy. What if the Watch didn't work for some reason? What if Ben transformed into something that he'd lose control of and would make him eat Tom? What if hitting the Omnitrix activated a bomb that decimated the whole school? At this point, Ben might as well have beaten himself up for his own profound imaginative skills. "Well?" Tom was no longer quivering visibly, though his rare impatient tone was back. "Okay, okay." Ben conceded. He took a couple of steps back and another deep breath. "Whatever happens, just… stay calm."

He paused for a second, then reached out for the Watch. He twisted the rim slightly, activating the small holographic image on the circular face plate. A small clicking sound could be heard as he continued rotating the rim slowly, looking for the appropriate transformation to select. Having stopped at the one he deemed proper enough, he slammed his right hand on the Watch. Ben watched Tom as the blinding green light died down and then disappeared. His expression went from irritated—obviously from bright light—to bamboozled, then to extremely horrified. Typical Tom with the expressions, Ben thought. "Jesus Christ!" Tom shrieked. He suddenly crouched down and had his hands in front of him defensively. Not like he wanted to fight the creature before him, it was more of a please don't hurt me kind of stance.

"No, no. Tom, it's me. It's still Ben." With every alien he'd turned into, it wasn't just his physicality that changed. His voice too. Some were more annoying than others. But this particular transformation had him sounding chilly and mysterious. It was cool. "Ben?" Tom stood straight slowly, with a suspicious look at Ben. Or what was supposed to be Ben? "Yes, bro. This is what I was talking about. It's me but in a different body." Tom scoffed. "A different body? That just sounds like you switched souls with someone else. Nah, this is way crazier. You're literally a different species!"

Ben chuckled. "You don see am, nau. Na wetin dey sup be this." Tom shook his head; he seemed more confident than sixty seconds ago. "You sounded bad speaking pidgin in your normal voice. Now that you sound like you swallowed a ghost, I couldn't have imagined anything worse." Ben couldn't tell if his grin was visible or not, but he did know he made an attempt to smile at Tom's joke. "So, what do you think?" "Is it just me, or is it getting really cold out here?" Tom seemed to ignore the question as he began to shiver again. "Oh. That's me, actually. Well, not me but this alien. See, each alien I turn into has special abilities of its own. This one has the power to control sub-zero temperatures. I guess that's why it's getting cold."

"This guy?" Tom asked with an unimpressed frown. "But he looks like a big-eyed bug. An ugly one, too." "Oh, I know," agreed Ben. "But he's much cooler—see what I did there—when I do this." Ben suddenly began to hover a few inches above the ground, spreading his long, blue arms out wide.

Tom tilted his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. That is a good sign. And Ben decided to capitalize on that. "How 'bout this?" The large blue hooded cloak that covered his frame opened up without warning. Somehow, it transformed into large versions of a butterfly's wings. Tom was indeed right; the alien did resemble a huge insect. With large, green eyes, icy blue exoskeletal plates on its shoulders, chest, and thighs, thin long limbs, and a fixed menacing expression on its face. If the magnitude of the situation hadn't impressed itself on Tom yet, it slowly began to dawn on him.

"And this?" Ben lifted his head upwards and released a flow of white icy clouds from his mouth. In a matter of seconds, the snow came trickling down to the ground, and it became so cold Tom could see the white puffs of mist emanating from his mouth. "Alright, alright. I'm impressed!" he whispered furiously. "You can now stop trying to bring about a new Ice Age." Chuckling, Ben floated back to the ground and wrapped his wings around him like a hooded cloak. He stood much closer to Tom, feeling much calmer and literally lighter. "So, does he have a name?" Tom asked, swiping a small pile of snow off his shoulder. "A name? Why would I name it?" Tom looked up at him, noticing how big the alien was for the first time. "You mean you don't name them? And you've got how many of them? Eight?" "I think there are ten of them in the Watch." Ben sounded so unsure that Tom sighed.

"It is very clear you need my help," he said. "And as your very good friend, I will offer my assistance. Even though I'm very much unaware of what I'm helping you with. We can at least start with names for your aliens. So, let's see…" Ben could literally hear his thinking gears grinding as he stared hard at his form. Stroking his chin, he remarked, "He's quite big and very chilly…" Then he snapped his fingers. "That's it! Big Chill!" "All that thinking, and that's what you came up with?" Now it was Ben's turn to be shocked. "No need to thank me, Benny boy. It's what I do." Tom seemed so proud of himself that Ben just decided to shrug it off with a smile. Big Chill it is, then.

"We've gotta go, man. I'm getting sleepy, and you've still got a lot to tell me. You can turn back to yourself, right? 'Cause it'll be pretty weird walking by this time with something that looks like that." "And it'll be weirder when we both make the headline news on UNIPORT Connect," Ben joked. "Exactly." Tom laughed. Then he suddenly had a very serious expression on his face. "I just realized something, Ben." "What's that?" Ben was too busy fiddling with the Omnitrix to notice Tom's theatrics. "Remember when I said that assignment was meant to be submitted tomorrow? Well, uh, that tomorrow… is actually today."


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