Legend Of The Omnitrix Iii

"Alright. Run this by me again." The midday sun was high and unforgivingly hot, showing very little mercy to the mortals below. Thankfully, Ben and Tom found solace under the large umbrella provided at one of the tables before the popular "Madam Cooperate" cafeteria. Regardless, Ben believed the emanating heat from the ground was capable of melting his shoes. "Just a quick recap of what you already know and what you've discovered."

Tom bit an unusually large chunk of his doughnut and had a sip of his cold Coke. It was his idea to at least buy something to chew on while sitting at the table, even if we weren't there to eat. Restaurant ethics, he advised. That was why I had an untouched bottle of Lacasera and three pieces of cake before me. "Like I already told you, I don't understand much of it myself. But there are some things I've been able to guess." Ben quickly glanced at the Watch. He could've sworn he'd seen the green light flash again for the third time today. But it looked as normal as possible. Ben sighed. Perhaps it had begun to mess with his head. "The Watch is capable of transforming me into several aliens," Ben began. "Of which I have a certain number of now. Ten in total. Each with their own unique abilities."

"Yes, yes. You've said all of that before." Tom waved his hand impatiently. "But how? Haven't you asked yourself that question? Does the Watch have all those aliens, large and small, stored in there?" "Well, yeah. I kind of figured that out after our MCB class yesterday." Tom clearly looked confused. "MCB? What does Microbiology have to do with any of this?" "Remember when Dr. Ifeanyi spoke about DNA mutation? It was a little off-topic, but still. It made me wonder. What if the Watch has all the DNA samples of those aliens and simply alters mine as I morph into them?" For the first time since we sat, Tom stopped chewing. He finally seemed to take something else serious asides from his precious doughnuts. "I didn't think about it that way," he admitted with a full mouth. "So, you're currently a mutant?"

"Heh, I wish," Ben chuckled. "But I doubt that. After all, I do turn back to my normal self after the Watch times out." "Times out?" Tom asked as his jaws resumed their repeated motion. Ben nodded as he finally took a sip from his drink. "Yeah. I noticed the Omnitrix reverts me back to normal 15 minutes after I transformed. And within that time, I'm allowed to switch between aliens. But I can only go three aliens at a time." Tom carefully put down his Coke, adjusted his glasses, and stared at me with new, raw excitement. "Now that's what I'm talking about. That's new. And I want to see it."

Ben nearly choked on his piece of cake. "Here? In the daytime? In front of everyone? Are you mad?" "We could find somewhere quiet." Tom pressed. "Like the bushes behind Ashgroove." The surprise and disbelief etched on Ben's face caused his eyebrow to twitch. "All the way out to Ashgroove? Be like say you don dey smoke—" Ben's eyes caught it this time. The furiously blinking green light from the Omnitrix. And the beeping sound that came with it. Bamboozlement melted into worry as Ben watched it. What's wrong with this thing? "Uh, Ben?" Tom sounded like something else had his attention. "Behind you." "I'm kind of busy right now, Tom." But he turned around anyway.

Right in front of the paved road—which had local cafeterias, including Madam Cooperate, on one side and the large School of Basic Studies building on the other—stood two guys pointing fingers at each other angrily and yelling at the top of their lungs. Ben had no idea what the squabble was all about, but he was sure that no one would be crazy enough to step in to hold them back. True enough, as Ben scanned the vicinity, he saw people bring out phones instead to record the incident. What a funny generation I belong to. As disappointed as he was, Ben also knew he wasn't going to intervene. As long as no one started flashing dangerous weapons—which has actually happened before—then there was nothing to worry about. Ben was just about to dismiss the whole thing and focus on the crazy device on his left wrist, then he froze.

Both guys were identical in height, which meant they were really tall. But their physicality differed. One seemed buff under his black T-shirt and baggy jeans. And his full beard made him look older too. The other was more lanky, which made his head seem a little bigger. In the grand scheme of things, anyone would have assumed the buff guy would break the lanky one into two easily. And just as Ben was about to turn back around, he noticed the arms of the thin guy glowing. With the brightness of the sun, that should have been difficult to spot. But it was that clear. With a loud shout, a surge of energy suddenly burst from the thin guy, knocking the buff guy several feet away into the dusty ground.

Ben's eyes widened, and he looked at the Omnitrix again. It had gone quiet; the blinking light had also stopped. The green hue was steady and bright, a sign it was ready to be activated. Of course, Ben had a good guess of what was going on, but there was no time to reason at this point. Only action was required. "Ben, you need to do something." Tom was already on his feet, ready to run but unwilling to leave yet. Ben felt the same way, but he still had his worries. "There are still so many people here. Someone might see me. Or worse, have me on record!" "I think that should be the least of your problems right now." Tom was able to keep his voice steady but still had that mortified look on his face.

Another yell, followed by another surge. This one knocked sand and dust high into the air and instantly fried an unfortunate bird that flew too close. A wide circle was created around him, showing how far the surge had reached. He was on his knees now, head down, panting heavily. Still glowing blue. But he seemed much calmer now like he'd finally suppressed the energy outburst successfully. Then he had his hands over his head, shaking it like he was enquiring if it was broken. The glow had brightened significantly, and Ben could actually hear the surge ready to explode again. "This could be the one that kills us," Tom said, already backing up. Ben, deciding that he was done playing around, had his hand hovering above the Omnitrix as he replied: "Not if I do something about it."


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