Legend Of The Omnitrix Iv

Now came the real pandemonium. People ran all over the place, hoping to escape the third energy burst. Ben couldn't guess the extent of the surge, but he had a sinking feeling that it would be more powerful than the other two combined. Therefore, the plan was to stop it from happening entirely. Ben activated the Watch and slapped down on it. Seconds later, he had a river of fire pouring from his hands and unto his target: the lanky guy. Then he stopped.

The surge had died down, thankfully. But he was on his feet now. Looking at Ben with what seemed like fear and anger in his glowing blue eyes. "Swamp Fire?" Tom asked with surprise. "You couldn't go for something else that can take electricity?" Ben turned around, shocked that Tom was still there. "Actually, I wanted Chromanstone," he replied in a snotty voice. "But I got this guy instead."

Tom didn't look convinced. "And how do you plan on stopping him?" "I'll figure that out. Just get out of here." With that, Ben turned around and began walking forward. More people ran as he strode into the scene. As confused as they must've been, they probably realized it was about to get very serious. Ben paused when he got within a foot or two from the guy. Raising his green, wooden hands, he spoke: "I don't want to harm you, man. I just need you to calm down. You're gonna get a lot of people hurt. Or killed even." Ben glanced at the buff guy who was still unconscious on the ground, far off to his left.

A loud crack of electricity made Ben face him again. The lanky guy's clothes—underwear as well—were completely burnt off. Ben was unsure if it was his flames or the electricity that caused that. Come to think of it, Ben realized, he'd survived about twenty seconds of flame-throwing. Without a single burn on his glowing skin to show for it. That was definitely alarming. "Don't… want to… harm me? You literally set… me on fire." For some reason, Ben didn't expect him to respond. But he also noticed how forced he sounded, like he struggled to speak. "That… was to prevent you from roasting everyone else alive. Like you did to that guy." Ben jerked his thumb to his left. His gaze turned to the direction Ben pointed and then lingered for a while. "What's your name?" Ben asked, wanting to continue the conversation on a lighter note. He stayed quiet for a moment, still looking at the guy on the ground. His forced response finally came after two uncomfortable minutes. "Chi… Chi… Dera."

"Chidera!" Ben said triumphantly. He noticed how his glowing skin began to dissipate. And how exhausted he looked. The new plan, Ben decided. There'd be no need to beat him into submission if he could just calm him down instead. And that's what he planned to do. "What department are you in, Chidera?" Ben asked, hoping to keep him engaged. Another pause, followed by a little stagger. Then: "Fi—fine arts." "Okay, okay. We're getting somewhere." Ben remarked. "I feel very tired. And… dizzy," drawled Chidera as he staggered backward. The blue in his skin had disappeared completely. Sweat had him so drenched that a little patch around his feet was wet. He fell to his knees again, breathing heavily. Ben was sure there'd be no surge again. He was about to pass out from apparent exhaustion, and Ben saw no reason to interfere. When unconscious, he'd take him far away from school. Then he'd decide what to do with him.

Just as Ben watched the proceedings before him with a satisfied gaze, sirens could be heard in the distance. Ben turned to his right, noticing how fast the police truck sped down the road. Without warning, a rifle went off. A round of bullets collided with Ben's torso; another round impacted his right shoulder. Ben immediately put his arms up to shield the spraying ammunition. In the heat of things, Ben had forgotten Chidera, who was still on the ground. Or not. Things went from zero to a hundred really quickly. One second, Chidera kneeled tiredly and could barely speak. The next, he was floating in midair, glowing fierce blue again, preparing to hit back at the attackers. Ben knew the police shot at him, but he reckoned some of the bullets must've hit Chidera as well. And that just successfully jeopardized his plans. "Chidera, no!"

It was too late. With an infuriated outburst, Chidera unleashed a single but powerful bolt of electricity at the vehicle. The impact was immediate, and it sent the truck tumbling backward. Ben watched with horrified eyes as the vehicle appeared crumbled and folded like a piece of paper. He immediately stretched his arms forward as his fingers morphed into long green tendrils, reaching for the truck. Ripping the battered door open with one, the other vines reached for the men inside and carried them out. All were bloodied and injured but alive.

After settling the men far away from their rumpled vehicle, Ben turned to Chidera. He looked like he did five minutes ago, blue and angry and ready to burst, except that he had a new thirst for blood in his blue eyes. Calmly talking to him wasn't going to work anymore. Ben knew he had to knock him out. Vines suddenly shot out from his fingers at Chidera with the hope of restraining him. After they'd wrapped around him, Ben immediately dragged him to the ground forcefully, creating a small crater in the middle of the road. Seconds later, Ben felt the electricity running up his arms and down his body. Yelling out in agony, he dropped to his knees, weakened.

Chidera, on the other hand, had broken free from his bonds and rushed at Ben with blinding speed.

The first punch caught Ben off balance just as he tried getting up. The second came from behind, knocking him forward. The third was the hardest, creating a sizzling hole in his face as Chidera attacked from the side. Great, Ben thought. He's got super speed too. Ben managed to get to his feet quickly, scanning the area for anyone still lurking around. Seeing nobody, he planted both hands into the ground, reaching deep into the soil. The result was immediate; several thick vines shot up from the ground all around him, catching Chidera in the process.

As he wiggled and struggled in his captivity, Ben strode towards him, wagging his finger. "The more you struggle, the tighter they squeeze. So I wouldn't bother if I were you." Even as Ben was unsure of what he'd said, he hoped it'd keep Chidera from fighting back. One thing he did know was that the dent on his face had healed completely. One of the abilities that came with Swamp Fire. Alas, the vines still couldn't hold Chidera. It wasn't long before he burst free using another energy surge, then aimed a bolt at Ben. It caught him square in the chest, just below the Omnitrix. The raw power flung him backward, and even on the ground, his limbs flailed from all the electricity coursing through him. Then Chidera was upon him in a flash, landing powerful blows repeatedly. Ben was completely overwhelmed, and that's when he realized he couldn't beat Chidera, at least not with this form.

In between the hits, Ben opened his mouth and spewed fire. The flames caught Chidera straight in the face, disorienting him briefly. Ben took advantage and knocked him off. The force was enough to send Chidera crashing into one of the cafeterias nearby, bringing down the tent with him.

Ben panted, grunting as he managed to get to his feet. He shifted his gaze to the Omnitrix on his chest, devising a new plan. "Time to switch," he said. Then he pressed on the Omnitrix.

Staring at thin arms made of tough purple rock and pink metal hands, Ben smiled as he knew he'd picked the right alien. "Chromanstone!" He yelled triumphantly. As if on cue, Chidera was up again. Hovering and ready for another round. He wasted no time in sending another bolt Ben's way. The electricity hit Chromanstone, spread around his body, and gave off a rainbow-coloured glow. Chidera's confused look had Ben chuckling.

"You little light shows don't work on me, man." He remarked a little too confidently. Chidera was having none of it. Waves after waves of electricity crashed into Ben, and all he did was stand there with his hands on his hips. Panting heavily, Chidera dropped to the ground, possibly frustrated that none of his attacks were effective. Ben grinned at him, took a stance, and had both his hands up.

"My turn." His hands began to glow the usual multicolored way, then two rays of powerful energy blasts shot out. Chidera shouted as he crossed his arms before him as if trying to conjure up some kind of energy shield. It was to no avail, though, as the energy blasts threw him further backward, crashing into another cafeteria joint.

Ben powered down his hands, walked over to where Chidera lay in the destruction, and immediately gasped. He could see Chidera's energy levels rising, going past a point that could kill even him. Ben realized that another of Chromanstone's abilities was to be able to see an x-rayed vision of pure energy, and he was grateful for that insight. At least, now he knew Chidera was a potential nuclear bomb. He was flat on the ground, writhing in pain. His angry yells turned to painful screams, and Ben could see the blue on his skin glow brighter than ever. It was pretty clear; Ben might've been unaware of how to save Chidera, but he knew if he left him there, half of the school would burn. Ben had a look up into the sky and suddenly had an idea.

Hitting the Omnitrix again, he immediately yelled, "Jetray!" Ben wasn't sure if he'd wanted to scream that name out on purpose. And it had him wondering if he'd be doing the same for the rest now that they all had names. Chidera's screams brought him back to the present, and he instantly grabbed his shoulders with his prehensile feet and took off into the clouds. Jetray was very quick in the air, possibly one of Ben's fastest aliens. But he feared he wouldn't be able to get away from the ground quick enough before Chidera exploded. He hadn't even thought about if he'd survive the explosion or not; he just needed to get away quickly. Using Chromanstone, he'd estimated a couple of seconds before Chidera went nuclear. Now, time had probably run out.

Just as Ben shot past the last of the high-hanging clouds, the Omnitrix began to beep again. This time, it spoke. "Rogue DNA sample detected. Collection beginning immediately." Ben was clearly confused. And shocked. "Isn't that my voice?" He asked no one in particular. The worst then happened. The Omnitrix powered down right in the middle of the flight. And Ben and an unconscious Chidera floated upwards for a bit before falling to their doom. Ben's yell was a combination of amazement and disbelief. He'd completely let go of Chidera, who was free-falling much quietly. Ben knew they didn't even have to hit the ground to die a horrible death; just the wind rushing into their nostrils was strong enough to choke them. At this rate, they'd die minutes before they crash. Ben grabbed the Watch, twisting the rim again and again and again. No avail. He then tried smacking it anyway, even as it wasn't activated. Still no luck. Frustration turned to desperation as Ben began yelling random commands. "Activate!" "Transform!" "Jetray, Big Chill! Do something, damn it!"

As Ben began to feel the rushing air impeding his breathing, the green light from the hourglass symbol lit up. "YES!" Ben exclaimed, almost tearfully. He wasted no time in hitting the dial.

"Gooooop!" Goop wasn't the type of alien that could levitate, but that didn't worry Ben. He'd become a living entity made up entirely of thick, green, slimy goo, with a small cone-like device floating above his head. This meant he could fall from the highest heights and only make a harmless splat on the ground. But it wasn't just him; Chidera had to be saved too. As he wrapped himself around Chidera, forming a protective ball around him, he noticed he didn't feel any electrical charge. Granted, the powers could be dormant now that he was knocked out by Heaven knows what, but Ben had a deep feeling that wasn't the case. It probably had something to do with the Watch powering off because it stated a command before it did so.

As Ben continued to dwell on his theories, they'd reached the ground quicker than he expected. He quickly melted himself to form some kind of gooey cushion underneath Chidera. Too bad he wouldn't be awake to witness the softest landing he'd ever make from such a height. Ben settled him down on the ground and looked down at him. Only realizing for the second time that he actually fought him naked. Ben realized that some people had surrounded the area again and—annoyingly—had begun to pull out their phones again. Ben quickly looked down at Chidera, decided he was okay because he was breathing steadily, and then melted into the ground. He needed to find Tom. Something was going on that they needed to find out about. Ben had a sinking feeling that the lives at UNIPORT depended on his hunch.


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