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Lessons From Mama

These are little and friendly life advice. The evening was so cool; fire trapped in the lantern; I sat at Mama's feet.

The evening was so cool
fire trapped in the lantern,
I sat at Mama's feet.

I felt so warm, Mama's love
was at work.
The ants began to pass
I made an attempt to kill, but
mama said freeze!

She made me stay still,
as I watched how they lived
in a single file
organized and satisfied
that's how life should be!

You must know what you need
not like the tale of the tortoise,
that would always steal.
Sow a good seed, that your offsprings,may sit under a tree
and all they would say;
are memories of your good deeds.

The earth is sphere,
but life is like a circle
let it be a miracle that no man can unravel.
He who looks down on any man,
also has his eyes on the ground.

And as you climb up
always have your heads up,
make sure your ladder doesn't fall
because, out there is the real world
and at the right time, you will
climb down, with a smile
when the sand in your hour glass is out.

This words,in time will arrive
so live life right
for I sit here and still hear
even if you trek,
climb the tallest mountains
you see nothing!

© Chizoba Nwazuo.
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