Let Love Lead

Struggling as a youth in this country is not an easy task, especially when you don't have the connection, you will never get a better position.

The most painful part is having gone to the university, spent five years or more, burning midnight candles in reading, doing all sorts of practicals, wasting a huge amount of money in paying for acceptance fees, school fees, and even buying handouts, then after graduation, you find it difficult to get a job. You toil around the streets with your credentials, submitting different application letters to different companies and organizations, but it all yields no result. 

What is the essence of going to school, then, when your certificate can't fetch you a job? Now I truly believe the word of a wise man says, "Every connection is a condition that requires a position." Had it been you had somebody in a high rank or position in the country, you wouldn't find it hard to get a job. Corruption has ruined our once beautiful country. A man only cares for himself and his family alone and never bothers to think about the well-being of others. Everything about this country is about dishonesty or illegal behavior. When it comes to money, there is no mercy. A man can wake up one morning and decide to use his beautiful wife or kids for ritual and, in the end, blame the devil or the government for it. What has the government or the devil got to do with this? Were you forced to engage in rituals? No, you did it willingly; why then blame others for your predicaments.

Now, it is hard living in certain parts of the country due to Tribalism and Nepotism. Tribalism is behavior and attitudes that are based on a person's loyalty to a tribe or other social group, while Nepotism is favoritism shown to relatives or friends, especially by giving them a job. The influence of Nepotism has caused a lot of damage to our country, especially in the aspect of giving jobs. Many people tend to be given the job if only they belong to a certain race and culture, which is totally bad. Showing favoritism in order to please some people, even when you know they don't deserve that position, is a bad idea because it may hurt that person who has the qualifications for that position but was denied due to selfish interest.

Another thing that has made our country to be in a mess is religious diversity. What is Religion? Religion is the belief in and worship of a God or gods. Diversity means varied or different. Religion diversity is simply the difference in religion; it is the difference in and worship of a God or gods. There is three main religion in which our people believe, the traditional religion, the Islamic religion, and the Christian religion. Every person has a right to decide which of this religion he wants to belong to. You can't force somebody to worship a God or gods without that person's willingness to do so, so why then do certain parts of our country force people to partake in their religion else they will be killed.

Killing of people just because they refused to convert to your religion? Is that what your holy book and doctrine thought you? It saddens my heart any time news is being heard about a person being killed because he/she refused to partake in certain rituals of a religion. Religion is meant to draw you closer to God and grant you repentance from your bad behaviors in order to make heaven and not the other way round. If a person feels like participating in two or more religions, leave he/she alone because they made the decision on their own but forcing someone to go against his/her religious beliefs is totally unacceptable.

I am not pointing fingers at any person, group, or organization, but all that I am after is "let love lead." In love, our country will be a better place. How will you feel if there is disunity and lack of progress in your country? Bad, you will definitely feel bad because you also will be affected in one way or the other. Remember, every change starts with you and your family but lets the changes be in a positive direction. Teach your children good moral values to avoid raising criminals and hoodlums in society. Try to make them understand that selfishness yield no positive vibes but rather negative, and they may be affected directly or indirectly.

Also, Remember, Everything in life is Vanity, one day, you will pass on from this world. What will you be known for? What will be your children's source of Motivation anytime they remember you? It may be your character, Encouraging words, or Even your good morals. You may pass on from this world, but your impact, good deeds, and legacy remain behind. So, let's join our hands together in making our country a better place.


#ForABrighterFuture #UnitedWeStand,Divided We fall.

© Solomon Onah Egbodo

A poet,

A Motivational speaker and,

An Inspirational writer.

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