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Let Me Die

Life is cheating on me and everything looks meaningless until.....

I could see lots of eyes feasting on me as I walked sluggishly to my office desk. I could only pray that the earth open, and I just enter into it, but alas, it didn't.Esther!! Folake, my colleague, called out. I couldn't bring myself to answer her as I knew that everyone was still looking at me. Uhmmm.....I manage to answer her faintly. The boss wants to see you! She said. You can't be serious! I whisper. I am. Oh my God! How do I pass through this place without falling down? If you have ever worked in any telecommunication company, you will understand the settings of many staffs in the same office with individuals with their desks. The same with where I work; only the boss and a few key positions in the office have their personal office.

Boss, you sent for me. I said, bowing my head down shamefully. Yes, Esther! You really disappointed us all in this company yesterday; you failed woefully with your presentation. I was thinking of promoting you before, but for what you did yesterday, you are sacked. My boss said with authority. Sir!! I said, shocked. You shouldn't be shocked, Esther. I want you out of this building within the next 30 minutes. He was saying. I am sorry, Sir! I seriously didn't know what went wrong with my voice yesterday; I only noticed it was shaking, and within a few minutes, I couldn't say what I wanted to say. I am so sorry, Sir. Such will not happen again. I pleaded.

As if I had done something else, my plea fell on my boss's deaf ear. I actually left the company with just my bag as the Identification cards given to me by the company were collected. Hey!! Leave the road for me and go and die in your house o!! A driver shouted at me. Ha!!! Why won't I be lost in thought? This is the fifth company I was sacked within two years. What exactly is my problem? Maybe I need to get myself washed spiritually. Hello mummy! I called my mom after getting home; who do you think I should call? My baby! How is everything? I have even missed you, you know I was...... Mom was saying. Mom, I have been sacked. I said. What happened? I explained everything to her, and she asked me to come over to her place for some time, which I did.

My daughter! Don't worry, I know it can be frustrating, but very soon, it will be well, eh! My mom said. Thanks, mom. I think you should follow me to the church today for a program. Get ready, eh. As if I had a choice, I followed mom, and believe me; I was was a teaching program that exposed me to know Jesus more, which can cure any form of low self-esteem or problem I am encountering. Mom, I am really blessed by the pastor's teachings. God bless him. Amen, my daughter. Please, daughter, maybe you should start in that direction, ask God for your purpose, and I will tell you that you will be happy you did. Okay, mom! I will do that.

I searched for everything on purpose, and I attended online teachings, conferences, and training on purpose discovery. I later discovered God had prepared me to build a home for the homeless and less privileged. I became happy with the discovery, but how about finances? I had to start gathering resources with the skills I had then. Oh! Yes! I am a fashion designer; I can sew clothes and make fashion out of clothes. To the Glory of God, I was able to gather little money to start. I started pursuing my purpose almost immediately. I got the money not without going through training and mentorship programs.

The good news now is I am a worker in my church, where I get to encourage others, and my voice no longer shakes. My former colleagues saw my post on my social media and congratulated me for overcoming my challenges, and up till now, most of them still support the home God has placed in my care. I refuse to just die without fulfilling my purpose.

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