Phillips Tayo 11 months ago

Let Me Share This With You, Son.

An admonition poem rephrased into poetic verses from a hymn book musical verse.Many years ago, I copied the words on the back of my bible.Read and digest...

My son,
Let me share truth,
Like the tongue and teeth,
Bite while the tongue twine,
If the teeth bite the tongue,
It pains yet savor again,
Since nature, Man,
Are like Siamese twins,
The good, bad times,
Hunger minds, trouble looms.

My son,
Now, evermore time,
You are starting on life's journey,
Along the grumpy life highway,
Shelter with their planks invisible,
A thousand temptations shields 🛡️
Inwards, outwards spread roads,
Each city is with evil rife,
Countryside, Cosmopolitan lush.

The world 🌎 is a brouhaha stage,
Dangers everywhere you go,
None safe as such to say truth,
But if you are tempted in weakness
Have courage, my boy to say NO!

In that courage, my son,
Lies Your safety of freedom,
From the slips guilt thereafter,
Since the Long journey berth,
Of yours till your demise,
Ahaaaaaa....your face sad,
Mass Requiem, Rest in Peace,
Dust-to-dust, Earth-to-Earth,
Token All &Sundry fate.

Trust in your heavenly father 👨,
For he's the homily eyes 👁️ above,
Whom can keep you unspotted,
From sins, temptations funfair,
Unfair flush like rivulet flow.
Intense gush than village stream,
Which you have stroke through,
At childhood, growing years,
The warmer the touch is,
The hotter the fire 🔥 of sins,
As your SONSHIP now a MAN.

But if you'd true to your manhood,
Have courage to say NO!
Have courage to say NO!!

Restrain in friendship gang,
Stroke for only the brave gentry,
Strike away the sweet mouths,
Whom we make you, ANGEL!
Remember Lucifer's grace to grass,
Ye foibles wouldn't be a Noun tag,
Such sweet mouths peeps
Beeps bellowing air strokes
Outer ears to the inner mind,
Off when you slip,
Never there to pick you up,
Sick is their strewn belch.

Son, stand by your true friends,
When in trials of times,
Which do no man bidding,
Never changing old for new,
Within a twinkle of 👁️ eyes
Even if offend or betrayed.

Oh...make youthfulness yoke lives
Yack lively for lustfulness,
Your haste to taste, SON,
Of Women...Weed!
Is akin to a child gnashing teeth,
On the soft apple 🍓 fruit speak,
Of 🍾 Wine...revelry mugs,
Is running 🏃 back to brook,
Of a regular doings habits,
Of parties, late outings,
Talking me, ask me then,
Takes me off the discipline lanes,
Of wish of wisdom,
www. man .committal,
Just a waste of time,
Jug of timid purposes.

In all disparities you see,
In all despair you seen,
In all desperate you are sell,
In all denials yours deemed fit,

Have courage, my son to say...
Have courage, my son to say...
Have courage, my son to say...
No! No!!No!!!
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