Faith Chima 1 year ago

Lets Get Down To Business!

Have you ever experienced (for the ladies) a situation where you go to make your hair, but you find out that even though there are different hairstylists sitting in their shops and probably even less busy, there's just this particular Mama Nkechi, every customer is patiently waiting in line for like a hot plate of jollof rice to come and make their hair?

Now for the gentlemen in the house, I know you've probably had this experience where your mobile phone got spoilt, and you need to take it to a repair shop, but regardless of the various shops you come across, there's just this particular Emeka in that line that you won't feel rest assured if not dropped with him. The day I came to understand the concept of relevance was one particular Saturday I came back home very late to find my brother beckoning on me from the balcony with great urgency to come up.

Hia, all the zee world episodes I've ever watched began to flash in my mind that very instant as to what may have gone wrong. Getting to the door, I was surprised to see three hungry teenage boys in the kitchen seriously pleading with me to come and prepare pap (yes, pap!!)That the pap had been bought and water was already boiling, but mumsy wasn't around. Omo, I was weak; I didn't know if to vex by the sprint marathon I had done thinking it was a matter of life and death or to just laugh at the absurdity of the scenario.

To cut the whole story short, ladies and gents, I delivered the task just as they expected, but they had to compensate me for that sprint marathon shaa. The point I'm driving at with the short story I narrated is this  "RELEVANCE!!!" Be good at what you do, Own your sphere, and be relevant in whatever (wherever) you find yourself doing, especially in your area or line of business. However, this is not restricted to just business owners, but for every little and minute opportunity, you come across in life!

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